Tommy Chong here today, featuring Cured Bomb Desserts and their CBD desserts for Tommy Chong’s Favorites with L.A. Weekly and sponsored by Dank City. We have a lineup of Cured Bomb’s CBD products and even have something to smoke, pre-rolled CBD joints!

Cured Bomb Desserts has brought a variety of full spectrum hemp products nationwide and also includes Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. The broadening and relaxing of cannabis laws nationwide has allowed consumers the opportunity to use alternatives to regular prescription drugs offered by large pharmaceutical companies. Cured Bomb Desserts is successfully distributing quality hemp-based products, allowing people to use hemp as a supplement to an all-natural healthy lifestyle. Their products are lab-tested, gluten-free, non-GMO and pesticide-free. They grow their hemp using organic cultivation methods, therefore allowing them to extract the best quality natural CBD.

(Courtesy of Cured Bomb)

“Cured Bomb Desserts is my daily dose to get me through the day! Their products taste delicious and make me feel satisfied! I am always looking forward to their products especially before bedtime!” (Source)

The wide range of hemp-based products don’t just look great, but are delicious to eat too! Starting with the sour gummies, which are homemade and never sprayed. These products are THC-free, contain no artificial additives and contain high doses of quality hemp-derived CBD. If you want to chill and relax I seriously suggest eating one or two gummies to realize the benefits within an hour.

Like me, if smoking is your thing, Cured Bomb Desserts also offers something for us. They have a range of hemp pre-rolls and hemp dabs. Their live resin hemp dabs are packed with 580 mg. of hemp per gram. Available in five flavors: namely, Tangie, Sour Diesel, Skywalker OG, Platinum Cookies, or Bubble Gum. Crafted from the finest hemp ingredients, their dabs are potent and pure. 

Cured Bomb Desserts is also a good source for many other quality hemp products. They offer hemp candy, hemp snacks, hemp bites, hemp oils, hemp syrup, hemp cartridges and more. All these products go through the same quality of standards and are tested through third party laboratories to ensure the product you receive is reliable, consistent and made with care. After all this our health we are talking about. 

(Courtesy of Cured Bomb)

Their hemp distillate is 100 percent made in the USA and contains no THC. It may be used orally for relaxation and or used topically for dry skin. The product has a shelf life of one year and each syringe has about 15 servings. 

Cured Bomb Desserts has been around since 2015 and their well-developed hemp products are putting many smiles on peoples faces, not just mine. Very slick packaging, a tasty product that is nutritious and not artificial. We don’t often see products like these today and I would suggest making a turn to one of their many retailers or buy online. 

Hemp is a great way to balance a stressed and overloaded lifestyle. Including hemp into your daily regimen is not hard with the wide variety of products available through Cured Bomb Desserts. Whether you like sweet, sour edibles or smoke a fat joint, you will find a product that suits your requirements or taste buds. 

It’s been a treat in more ways than one testing these quality hemp products from Cured Bomb Desserts, and I’m sure I will taste more for many years to come. If I want a quick way to unwind and relax, I know they have something for me, whether its a hemp pre-roll or a sour gummy. Until next time, take care. 

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