Hi, it’s me Tommy Chong for L.A. Weekly’s Tommy Chong’s Favorites, sponsored by Dank City. You don’t have to cough to get off anymore. You just have to get high more. Cough Zero is unbelievable — once applied, it is no more coughing your ass off! 

Put it on your favorite joint or whatever you are going to smoke. And for this test, I lit up a nice joint and took a big hit. Usually, I’d be coughing, but as you can see in the video, no coughing. Use the dropper bottle to drop some Cough Zero on your joints, on the filters or in the bowl of your bong. Don’t be surprised, you will not cough.

The concentrate in the dropper may be used and applied directly to any paper, crutch, tip, bowl, wrap, even in the bowl of your bong or banger of your rig. And may easily be mixed with herb, concentrate or whatever you are smoking. See below for mixing instructions.

(Courtesy of Cough Zero)

The main ingredient is charcoal extract; I can’t give away the added secret ingredient, but all I can is it has a good aroma and an oily feel to it. A good taste too. Cough Zero changes the properties of the smoke through its ingredients and mitigates the irritation from smoke inhalation. Although it works well when applied to material for inhalation, combustion is not necessary. The substance works well after drying on plant matter, on the bowl of your pipe, concentrates and any other absorbent material. It is the first solution to stop coughing.

Cough Zero concentrated drops are safe and non-toxic to use. Once applied to what you are smoking, you will immediately experience the benefits of smoking in peace. Long gone are the days where you go red in the face and cough for minutes after a big hit to the lungs. What is more, Cough Zero can be for either vapor or smoke, which includes dabbing concentrates. 

Directions to Apply Cough Zero 

  • Dabs and Concentrates: When mixing with dabs, three to six drops in .5 gram. Mix vigorously for two minutes. The result should be lighter in color and resemble peanut butter.
  • Water Pipe: Add cough zero until fluid looks almost as white as milk. Usually one full dropper or 10 drops.
  • Vape Cartridge: Add three drops to tank for each 1 ml. Larger tanks may require more. Shake vigorously to mix.
  • Plant Material/Herb/Flower: Three drops on some flower in a bowl or cone. Use a torch lighter for best results.
  • Rolling Paper or Blunt Wrap: Three to nine drops depending on the wrap.
  • Crutch or Filter: Add three drops.

(Courtesy of Cough Zero)

Cough Zero is one of my favorites as it saves you hours of coughing fits and makes the smoking session far more enjoyable. As you have seen, I am not coughing when smoking a joint after applying Cough Zero. It’s a bit too early for me to hit a bong, but Mia has kindly volunteered to give this bong a good hit, after applying some concentrated droplets of course.

We are living during interesting times and to think there is a concentrate available put a stop to coughing when inhaling. OK, this is Tommy again, saying, Cough Zero is my favorite. Until next week, say no to coughing and buy some Cough Zero.

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