Hey, it’s Tommy with this week’s Tommy Chong’s Favorites and Bliss Lights x LA Weekly x Dank City! This week, my favorite is very special because it’s something you can enjoy while smoking with your friends and family — it’s called The BlissLight. With the BlissLight, you instantly create an oasis of amazing colors.

Back in the day we used to have lava lamps, but now it’s the BlissLight, which is way way trippier! I was just talking about the universe and galaxy and how we fit into the universe, and now you can have your own universe with the SKYlite by BlissLights. This compact light can be projected on the roof or the walls of your house, and it makes you happy and calms your soul.

(Courtesy of Bliss Lights)

You can change the colors or the images that are hypnotic and will put you at ease — these lights make create a really good vibe and might even put you right to sleep because of the soothing images! The BlissLight SKYlite is great in your bedroom, at big parties, fiestas, festivals, fortune tellers, your garden, on your patio, and anywhere you can want a nice vibe, indoors and outdoors. (Or you can just shine the lights on yourself like I did in the video!)

I have a couple of BlissLights and use them in both my bedroom for sleepy time — it helps me have deep sleep with good dreams — and for lighting in the garden to accentuate my plants, which my wife loves. She enjoys using them when we practice our tango moves.

What’s great about the lights is you can use them for any kind of atmosphere you would like to create. I not only use them for parties and large get-togethers but also for quiet meditation and reflection time. These lights are very versatile.

BlissLights can be found here, with many more products that create good vibes. This company was also featured on HGTV, Better Homes, The Doctors, Wall Street Journal and the Today show; these lights are famous and used by some awesome people in the industry. The gallery of images and videos on their site also inspired me to use my BlissLights in different ways at home. And since it looks like they have holiday specials up from time to time too, I might purchase a couple more for my family so we can have a big tango party!

I highly recommend buying one for yourself and a couple for your friends. After eating some yummy edibles, vibing out with these lights will become one of your favorite things too. It’s all about creating and spreading those good vibes, and BlissLights is one of the best ways to do that.

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