Hello! This is Tommy Chong with another L.A. Weekly x Dank City review! This week I’ll be testing the Toke Trap Filter made by Trap Filters.

Do you live in a place where you can’t smoke much? Do people around you complain about the smell of your smoke? Do people complain about the smoke in general? Or do you just need a place to blow out your smoke? Well, this product is just for you. If you need to hide your smoke because of haters or complainers, then get yourself the Toke Trap Filter; it’s so easy to use and very convenient to have on you just in case.

Toke Trap; Credit: Trap Filters

Toke Trap; Credit: Trap Filters

The Trap Filter works like this: You insert a scented paper filter into the cylinder tube, close the top part with the cap (which is the second half of the toke trap), and blow your smoke into it. You simply light up your bud, take a deep puff, hold that in for as long as possible, and blow out into your toke trap — just like that, it’s like you never smoked in the first place!

The scented filters come with different smells, which is pretty cool as well. If you don’t care for the scent comes out, then you can try the old-school method and put in a dryer sheet — it works the same way!

It’s crazy because the cannabis scent disappears, so nobody will be able to see the smoke you exhaled or smell smoke on your clothes! No smell, no tell, and I’m grateful as hell!

You can take this with you anywhere you need to go. If you’re a common traveler, fear the risk of getting caught or going to jail, have to keep your smoking habit a secret, are in a movie theater, are stressed and can’t smoke at work, are trying to hide it from the family, are tired of hotboxing your car, know a friend in desperate need of one, or simply want to be smokeless and odorless, then you might want to buy yourself one of these Toke Trap Filters because they are amazing.

Toke Traps come in all different colors and designs. They can be customized when you order and they’ll slap on whichever design you choose.

When we were younger, we used to shove towels under the door and cover all the smoke alarms with more towels, but you guys are so lucky! You no longer need to worry about the smell since this product was made.

It’s being sold at trapfilters.com for only $19.95, so hey, if you need one or know a few friends that need one, then treat yourself or surprise a secret stoner as a gift.

I highly recommend this product; I rate it 5 tokes out of 5 tokes!

It’s been a pleasure writing for the L.A. Weekly x Dank City cannabis product review! Please send more products for me to give you my honest review.

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