Hey! It’s Tommy Chong coming at you with another Tommy Chong’s Favorites with L.A. Weekly x Dank City! Today I’ll be reviewing the app called PotSmoking.com, which is a free social media app specifically made for the stoner within me and within all of you. It’s really easy to use— kind of like Instagram, except for potheads.

You can download it on either your iPhone or Android. Just make an account for yourself, add a profile picture and username and enjoy it! There’s a news feed where you can see others smoking, posting cannabis-related content, facts about weed and so on. It’s literally Instagram for cannabis consumers, so check it out if you have a device to download it on.

If you’ve always wanted to just post about your buds or photos of you enjoying a doobie but are afraid of your peers getting mad, then download PotSmoking.com and post your true stoner self as much as you want without the worry. It even includes a group chat where you can talk to all kinds of stoners all over and get some different insights.

It has a whole section on the different kinds of information about cannabis, whether it’s the types of strains, the new laws and regulations on weed, all cannabis related festivals, the perks of CBD vs. THC, weed magazines, and so much more! This could honestly be your go-to daily app for new information or news about weed in the world. You’ll never be out of the stoner’s loop with this app, it’s incredible!

You can also follow other smoking accounts; just search for their username in the search icon (follow me if you want!). There’s even hashtag’s included, and the best part is that because it’s an app dedicated to just stoners, we won’t have any cannabis complainers on it, just your homies and best buds.

If you’re a stoner and aren’t on this free app, then I don’t know what you’re waiting for, go give it a try! You can even win stuff through the app since users put on challenges and competitions. Let your friends know about the app and start blazing and smoking around with them on it too. It’s a really cool app, the likes of which I’ve never seen before, where we’re all surrounded by the one thing we all have in common.

That is my Tommy Chong’s Favorites with L.A. Weekly x Dank City for the Potsmoking.com app. If you want your stoner apps or products to be a part of our favorites, then send an email to sales@dankcity.com. I’ll test it out, and hopefully it will make it to our favorites list!

Credit: Courtesy of Dank City

Credit: Courtesy of Dank City

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