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This is your all out guide to the Dr.Ganja lifestyle and how you (and even your pets) can benefit from all the best CBD and hemp products. 

Who is Dr.Ganja?

The man, the myth and the legend is actually not one person. He is rather a collective of people who have come together with one common idea in mind: Everyone deserves access to the purest and safest cannabis products. 

Consequently DRGANJA.COM was established and the rest is history. It is now the home of the most primo CBD and hemp products on the market today! It is also one of the best resources you can find to learn about anything and everything cannabis.  

What is the Dr.Ganja Lifestyle?

The Dr.Ganja lifestyle is an intricate combo of working diligently and chill-livin-it up mode. It’s all about contributing positively to the world and making good friends along the way. Hence, we choose cannabis because there’s no better choice when you’re working hard, having fun and kicking back.

There is literally a cannabis product for every activity or routine you have going on in your life. CBD or hemp products are the most natural way to give you that early morning mood boost or a bit of energy to help you push through those super busy days. We add it to our nighttime routine to tone down racing thoughts after a long day, so we can wind down and sleep more soundly.

We have discovered that mini-doses of cannabis are also an amazing addition to our daily exercise routine too! We find that we can get into the zone more easily and it helps to keep us consistent. And of course, it works to reduce inflammation, so we can recover quickly and keep working toward our fitness goals.    

If this sounds like something you need in your life, but don’t know where to start, continue reading below for all the best highlights of CBD and many more cannabinoids. And if you’re curious for more, go to the Dr.Ganja Blog for all the best product reviews and more. 

What Does Dr.Ganja Sell?

Now that you have been officially introduced to Dr.Ganja and the Dr.G lifestyle, you’re probably wondering what we sell. We are your one-stop shop for all the best CBD and hemp products found on the market today. 

Hemp Flower and Best Vape Carts 2021

Grow season is currently ongoing and Dr.Ganja happens to have a green thumb. All Dr.Ganja hemp flower is cultivated with love to produce dense fresh buds exploding with extreme flavors and excellent feels. Dr.Ganja’s premium bud is pure and safely grown with no pesticides, impurities or heavy metals. This way you stay safe and always have a great time.  

CBD buds are a great alternative to smoking cannabis with high Delta 9 THC levels or smoking tobacco. Bulk hemp flower is superb for smoking, but can also be used to make a variety of homemade yummy edibles or hemp oils to add to just about anything you can think of. 

Cannabinoids are also taking over the vaping world and can be found in ready-to-vape disposable pods and vape carts. Several cannabinoids such as Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, THC-O or HHC, are hitting the market alongside CBD that can offer you several benefits depending on your needs.

All of our premium vape carts and vape hardware are from leading brands like the ever popular 3CHI, Delta Extrax, Canna River, Elev8ted, Barely Legal Hemp Co and a whole lot more!

CBD For Everyday Health and Wellness

If smoking or vaping is simply not your thing, but you’re interested in cannabis to experience the benefits it provides, Dr.Ganja has got you covered! After all, in times like these the whole world deserves an all-natural alternative solution to support our mental and physical health.

We at Dr.Ganja understand that cannabis is used recreationally, but it is important to remember the healing qualities of cannabinoids. It inspires with euphoria, decreases stress and anxiety. Cannabis also works to reduce inflammation in sore joints and muscles, plus provides some pain relief. 

CBD and hemp products come in a variety of ways that allows for an easy introduction to daily use or during “as needed” conditions. Dr.Ganja supplies a wide variety of awesome canna products like full spectrum or broad spectrum capsules, and high potency tinctures

You can also find hemp personal care products that will help you optimize your daily self-care routines. Afterall CBD skin care benefits include reduction in swelling, pain, redness or irritation from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Get all the most outstanding CBD lotions and salves, lip balm, bath bombs, body butter, lube, and more to receive the relief you deserve. 

Cannabis Edibles

Yes, absolutely! Cannabis edibles provide long-lasting relief, they’re a perfect way to dose discreetly, optimize your endocannabinoid system and give yourself a sweet treat. Cannabis edibles come in many many forms like chocolates, fruity gummies, chewing gum, mints, syrups, cookies, beverages and more. 

CBD and Delta 8 THC edibles labels will most often display the full amount of milligrams of each specific cannabinoid per bottle. Each individual piece will have a specific amount, some as low as 5mg and as high as 50mg. 

The common advice for consuming edibles with cannabis is “start low and go slow.” Everyone’s digestive system varies in efficiency. Effects will come on more quickly if consumed on an empty stomach, while a full stomach will increase the amount of time for effects to ensue. 

However, metabolism is ultimately the deciding factor in the quickness and intensity of effects you will experience. So you will want to give yourself some time to understand what an average experience feels like before you decide to consume additional doses. 

And once you find your dosage sweet spot, your journey will be enjoyable, very satisfying and very relaxing.      

Can Pets Benefit from CBD?

Yes, it has been found that all animals, including vertebrates (mammals, birds, fish, reptiles) and invertebrates (sea urchins, mussels and more), have an endocannabinoid system. This means that all cannabinoids can have positive effects on your pets.

Just like for human beings, cannabis can provide potential benefits for pets as it works to reduce pain, stress and anxiety. It also offers immune system support and anti-inflammatory responses.

We understand that pet owners definitely want the best for their furry friends, so they can live a happy life with less aches, pains or anxiety too. And for this purpose, there are many wonderful, all-natural pet products that will serve to improve your pet’s quality of life. 

Dr.Ganja believes in the importance of pet health and wellness. For this reason, we provide pet CBD tinctures, joint support or calming chews and treats, sprays, topicals and capsules.

Join Dr.Ganja and The Good Vibes Tribe!

We are fueled by our satisfied customers and we invite you to join us in our active community on our online marketplace where both connoisseurs and casual users can confidently search for high quality and legal hemp products.

We provide free standard shipping for all our domestic orders. In addition, we are sure to be quick and careful in preparing and packing each order. We also provide discreet shipping services to ensure your package arrives safely each time.

Still not sure about what products will suit your needs? Check out awesome customer reviews on the Dr.Ganja site where they describe their experiences with their favorite products. As a result of our vast review page, we have been able to help thousands of shoppers to find the right products for their specialized needs. 

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