To Help the LA Homeless, CEO Alexander Martino Has Promised 100,000 Meals

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The number of homeless people across LA has rapidly increased in the last two years. This is partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where many people have lost their jobs. With no reliable source of income, it has become extremely difficult to afford rent, among other basic necessities, which has pushed most people out of their houses and into the streets. Unfortunately, the government has not done much to help the homeless, which has seen locals such as Alexander Martino step in. Alexander has taken it upon himself to help the homeless in LA by donating 100,000 meals.

He has been making food donation rounds every morning and evening, delivering warm food and water to those in need across LA. According to Alexander Martino, founder, and CEO of top marketing firm Scaling Group, his goal is to help as many people as he can as he shares his hard-earned experience to encourage others. Having been in an almost similar situation, Alexander Martino understands how challenging it can be, more so when you do not have anyone by your side, which is why he has decided to be that someone.

Before he built his digital marketing company, Scaling Group, Alexander had lost everything, and he had to start from scratch. He was homeless, had a debt of over seventy-two thousand dollars, and had no sustainable job. But he did not give up. It took one person for Alexander to change his mentality and get his life back on track, and he is now shining his light on others.

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When going through a storm, it can be hard to keep fighting, especially when you don’t have a great support system behind you, says Alexander, which is one of the reasons Alexander started his mission. In his words, he wants to encourage those passing through challenges by giving them a shoulder to lean on. Alexander is spreading hope and love and empowering young entrepreneurs.

Alexander has also recently expanded the donation to San Diego and throughout Southern California to ensure that no one feels left out. He explains that this move will help him reach more people, delivering food, water, and other basic needs to those in need. He is letting the homeless feel included by showing them that society cares and that no situation is permanent.

At just 18 years old, Alexander Martino is making a big difference not only in California but also globally. He is helping entrepreneurs grow their eCommerce businesses as he inspires other young people to fight for their dreams. Alexander Martino is equally spreading love to the homeless through his food donation campaign, which he plans to extend to other cities in California.

Alexander Martino says food is something we cannot go without for a long period of time, and it is quite unfortunate that not all of us can afford to put food on our table or even have a place to call home. While the number of homeless in California has continued to skyrocket due to the high standards of living, Alexander is fighting this current trend one meal at a time. He is calling on other well-wishers to join in and hopefully find a long-lasting solution.

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