Tinsley Tarot: A Guide to Your Power & Purpose

Tinsley Hammond is the founder of Tinsley Tarot, a company that provides tarot card reading and sound bath healing sessions to high-end clients at Hollywood movie premieres, product launches, personal celebrations, and wellness events. As a Reiki master and sound bowl healer, Tinsley’s goal is to ease emotional distress and prevent disease before it needs to be treated. Many of her tarot readings feel like therapy sessions, as she often focuses on mindset shifting and setting healthy boundaries.

One of Tinsley’s most significant challenges has been building a business by herself in a city that she is not from and has no connections in. She built her business from the ground up and formed her LLC in 2019. Tinsley’s career highlights include being invited to do tarot readings during the Showtime Premier Party for the film “Juniper,” being awarded “Top Performer” at the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor in 2018, and receiving “The Bash Best of 2022 Award.”

Born with a natural talent for reading tarot cards, Tinsley has sharpened her skills over the past five years and has become a sought-after tarot reader. She uses her intuition, with a deep understanding of tarot symbolism and archetypes, to provide her clients with guidance, clarity, and direction in their lives. Her readings are insightful and compassionate, always delivered with kindness and understanding. Each session offers a window for the participant to reveal their truth, step into their power, and show up for themselves in the most authentic way.

Tinsley Tarot’s approach to tarot card reading and energy healing is unique and personal, offering a way to see the bigger picture and get back into spiritual alignment. It is common to feel stuck in life, and her services offer profound ways to overcome blocks and begin again with a new and refreshed perspective. Once a client can get back into a state of flow and ease, they can unlock their full potential and purpose. This journey is transformative, so much so that an individual can feel like they have shifted timelines. Tinsley is in the process of creating online courses to teach her wisdom, so people can learn how to read tarot cards for themselves as a tool for navigation.

Her insight to share with others is that extra distractions and challenges come up right before anyone makes a significant breakthrough. These detours serve as tests to see if you are really ready to step into the next version of yourself. When times get hard, keep going and stay resilient. Trust in the process, believe in yourself, and know that it is okay to ask for help and support. Tinsley’s lessons can be learned from her determination to keep going despite the challenges she has faced. To learn more about Tinsley and Tinsley Tarot, visit http://tinsleytarot.com/. 

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