TikTok’s First Verified Lawyer Now Consulting with Estate Planning Clients Statewide by Video-conferencing

Anthony Barbuto LA Weekly

Attorney Anthony Barbuto has always had a great sense of humor. In fact, he attributes much of his success as a general practitioner to his likable personality and ability to reach his clients on a personal level. Anthony became a lawyer in California, New Jersey, and Florida approximately 15 years ago and has since helped thousands of clients with their legal needs. For Anthony, it is an honor to be a lawyer.

But it was not until he opened a TikTok account in 2018 when he began to recognize the public’s negative perception of lawyers and how his qualities distinguish him from the widespread prejudices of his profession. Known as @TheLawyer on TikTok, Anthony’s been posting comedic and wholesome viral content over the last few years, disrupting the stigma of his beloved profession.

“Unfortunately, many people think of the law as a cold and rarefied profession,” Barbuto said in a recent interview. “Through my content, and through just being myself, I show a different side of lawyers. People want to see lawyers with a human side – possessing a sense of humor, and emotions, interests, and modesty.”

Less than four years later, as TikTok’s first verified lawyer and legal pioneer on social media, Anthony has accumulated over 2.2 million followers on the platform, with over 40.3 million likes by viewers internationally. Anthony has not only inspired countless members of his own profession to follow in his footsteps but also students of all ages to pursue careers in the legal profession.

“I didn’t start on social media to generate business for my law practice; on the contrary, I had other motivations. But now, with the substantial impact I’ve made on social media, coupled with the fact that Zoom meetings have become the norm due to the pandemic, my goal is to help people across the states of California, Florida and New Jersey with an area of law I enjoy most – Wills & Trusts.”

An introduction to Anthony as a lawyer and social media enthusiast can be found on his website, where prospective clients can be directed to his law firm’s website to schedule consultations and download free legal information. Links to Anthony’s other social media accounts, including his blog, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels, can also be found there.

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