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Over the last few years, the hype that exists around different cryptocurrencies has certainly gone up. For instance, a while back, no one even knew what an NFT was; however, now, NFTs are becoming all too popular. This has been exceptionally true ever since different celebrities along the lines of Eminem, Madonna, and Jimmy Fallon showcased their very own NFTs not just on social media but on other platforms as well.

NFTs and cryptocurrencies are now being seen as valid and or decent modes of investments, reaping a decent amount of profit. Yet, there are certain issues with the industry that aren’t exactly addressed properly by anyone. It’s firstly important to note that cryptocurrencies are excessively volatile and possess an inherent value of zero.

In this way, most currencies may die out in the blink of an eye, provided that a mishap takes place. Just this past month, in May 2022, the famous $LUNA fell by more than 99.9%. To put numbers into perspective, an investment in $LUNA worth around $5 million was worth no more than $5 after the events blew over.

All of this goes to show that the importance of researching and educating oneself about these assets is of the utmost importance. Lucky for you, individuals and or influencers such as Tiar Crypto are ensuring that the space of crypto is made as safe as can be. Tiar on Twitter, has a following of more than 296k and keeps his followers updated with all the new trends in both cryptocurrencies and NFTs alike.

According to Tiar, it’s important to educate people about the risks that are associated with these assets so as to help them become better investors in the long run. Moreover, influencers such as Tiar also host numerous giveaways in order to help people enter and make their very own space in the world of cryptos.

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