Thugbirdz Overcame a Sea of Odds to Reach the top of the Music Industry

The growth of social media and digital streaming platforms has been a catalyst for the music industry’s growth. Several gems who failed to snatch the limelight from record labels took to these platforms to showcase their talents and emerged as promising stars. The story of Thugbirdz’s journey into the music industry is an example here. He started from zero, faced countless rejections, and then bounced back through his talent to prove he was here to stay and fire up the pop scene in the U.S.

Thugbirdz was only 11 when he realized his passion for music and was determined to pursue it as a career. Back then, Thugbirdz hardly had any idea about the industry’s steep competition every newbie would have to face. At 18, Thugbirdz moved from Nevada to NYC to work as a voice artist at a dubbing studio. He took this as an opportunity to penetrate the industry and start his career as a musician.

Gifted with a euphonious voice, Thugbirdz was confident in his talent, but this confidence didn’t last long. He went to thousands of auditions but failed to impress the judges every time. His unique music style and take on the pop genre were rejected for being too loud for audiences who love melodies. Even after several attempts, Thugbirdz could not make people believe that it was the future of music. This took a toll on his mental health, and he even lost the confidence to face another audition. That’s when Thugbirdz decided to take the reins and move to social media.

In November 2018, Thugbirdz dropped his debut track on YouTube, which was completely instrumental. The track is proof of his mastery of musical instruments. From a piano to a violin, a guitar, and even a trumpet, Thugbirdz knows how to use traditional instruments to create unique and different sounds. The track became a smash hit on social media, setting the internet on fire for the next three months. This overwhelming response gave him the much-needed boost to chase his dreams. He adopted the name “Thugbirdz” and started working on honing his skills.

His first song was released the following year and replicated the success of this track, making him a promising star in the industry. Once rejected for being loud, Thugbirdz became a sought-after name for his unique music style. His song’s blazing lyrics resonated with millions of audiences on social media and beyond the internet. The song became a party anthem at nightclubs and topped several music charts.

For Thugbirdz, this was just the beginning as he was gearing up for more. Next, he collaborated with a famous DJ to drop his debut album, which was released on several digital streaming platforms. Since then, Thugbirdz has dropped numerous hits spanning several genres. He also started his music school to help budding artists find a platform to hone and showcase their unique talent. To extend this opportunity to millions, his music school offers online classes to millions and even conducts workshops on musical instruments.

Thugbirdz doesn’t want any aspiring artist to suffer as he did during his initial years in the industry. He knows how painful rejection can be. It is this pain that often forms the dominant theme of his songs. Moving ahead, Thugbirdz wants to introduce more unique talents to the music industry while also exploring new ways of monetizing his gifted skills by creating fresh music and also venturing into NFTs.

LA Weekly