Through Quality Art and Storytelling, Baby Ape Social Club Stands Alone

NFTs are changing the art world, revolutionizing how transactions take place in the industry and how we appreciate art. They are facilitating the creation of a decentralized and transparent marketplace, a trend that has resulted in the rising demand for NFTs, with many project developers joining in.

We have seen many projects come up in the last few months, including Baby Ape Social Club, an NFT project on the Solana blockchain. Baby Ape has built a social club with a limited collection of 5,000 Baby Apes, with their unique approach revolutionizing the NFT marketplace.

According to the experts behind Baby Ape Social Club, one of the reasons they started the social club was to rescue Baby Apes as they help investors understand the marketplace better. While they are popular topics, NFTs and crypto are still new spaces to most people. The industry is also growing, and as it expands, concerns about scams and hacks are equally increasing.

To help others better understand blockchain technology, Baby Ape Social Club has launched the Ape Schoolas one of its pillars. They are leveraging their experience and diversity to educate the masses, discussing topics such as general Discord behavior, brand building, social media behavior, and how to navigate the crypto and NFT marketplaces.

With the help of Micho Toshi, a former Hollywood executive and current screenwriter/NFT storyteller, Baby Ape Social Club has crafted a story sharing its journey with the rest of the world. Their unique roadmap sets them apart and helps them drive positive change in the NFT and crypto industries.

The Baby Ape Social Club team explains that their goal is to help people through their NFT project by building an online social club of like-minded individuals. Currently, Baby Ape Social Club has 24.5K+ followers on Twitter, 14.5K+ on Instagram, and 41K+ members on Discord. They are using their social media accounts to grow their brand as they push for change in the NFT marketplace.

Baby Ape Social Club has rolled out chapter two of their roadmap, an alien abduction of the Baby Apes. They have given every Baby Ape holder a free Baby Tiger, building on their investments and increasing revenue. To keep their audience engaged, they have also launched their own merchandise, which is expected to drop in the first quarter of 2022.

The drop will contain a limited amount of hoodies, t-shirts, and hats, which will be available to Baby Ape holders. In addition to this, Baby Ape Social Club has hosted the largest NFT party in history for their holder’s in Bel Air.

While Baby Ape Social Club was launched last December, it has quickly risen to the top, cementing its spot. The unique yet achievable roadmap and tight community they have built sets them apart. Since its launch, Baby Ape Social Club has already achieved over $20M in volume. Many influencers and celebrities such as TabyTay, Angelina Terese, Joey Birlem, and American rapper Soulja Boy have also shown interest in the project posting on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

As they continue to grow, Baby Ape Social Club is changing the NFT space for the better and helping investors. They are working towards developing a seamless system between their three collections that will create utility and keep their community members engaged.

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