Throne, A New NFT Ecosystem for Creators and  Collectors, Announces Partnerships with Music  Executives before Launch  

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  • Nellee Hooper, the award winning music producer of Massive Attack, Soul II Soul, Sade, U2, Madonna, and Bjork has joined Throne as Partner and Head of Cultural Partnerships.
  • Gee Roberson, the former music manager of Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Kanye West was recently reported to have joined the Company as Partner and Creative Director.
  • Throne is a new token-powered ecosystem and marketplace for NFTs, built efficiently with the Ethereum blockchain, and features low gas costs, fast transaction finality, as well as 0% plat form fees for creators selecting to transact in the network’s native currency, THN.

Throne is a joint venture between the brightest minds in blockchain working with some of the  most accomplished teams in music and art, brought together by the utilization of Ethereum. The  new venture will be led by seasoned industry professionals, and an ambitious team that’s com mitted to building a transformational product.

Together, with some of the leading blockchain infrastructures, Throne is developing a new creative  economy and NFT ecosystem that is both scalable and sustainable.“We are an open creative  economy” says Strategy and Marketing Director Adam Strauss. He adds, “NFTs have exciting  new properties: they’re unique, provably scarce, liquid, usable across multiple applications and armed with all the programmability of digital assets.”

Throne is an NFT marketplace for the next generation of creators and collectors. A place where  everyday users can discover, collect, and sell their work as digital assets.

A core part of Throne’s ideology is that open protocols like Ethereum and interoperable standards  like ERC-721 (and ERC-1155) will enable vibrant new economies where creators and collectors  truly own this powerful brand new type of digital item.

Chimere Cisse, Throne’s Artistic Director adds “because we think open, liquid marketplaces will  help power these new creative economies, we’re building tools with the help of a community of  passionate users, developers, and creators. The importance of technology and contemporary  culture is reflected in everything we do.”

What also set’s Throne apart is the 0% platform fee when creators select to transact in THN, their  native currency. “THN is the utility token of the Throne community, network, and marketplace. By  creating our own token economy we are able to provide a more sensible and sustainable  solution” says Anthony Karter, Blockchain Architect.

NFTs and crypto and not solely about technology, it’s a movement. Anthony adds, “at Throne we  strive to make the journey into the future seamless, easy for creators and collectors. That is why  we integrate and collaborate with innovators such as Coinbase, MetaMask, Ethereum, and the  IPFS amongst others.”

The digital realm isn’t a secondary space anymore, it’s where we live our lives, and it’s where the future is coming into focus. Adam Strauss says, “we need better systems for investing in creative  expression, supporting visionary artists, and connecting the internet’s creative community. We’re building Throne to fill that need, using the possibilities of crypto to expand what’s possible for creators and collectors alike.”

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