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One of the booming industries in today’s age is Digital Marketing, and its growth is forecasted to last long, unlike the temporary dot com bubble in the late 90s. Hence the entrepreneurs pioneering in this field are fundamentally laying the foundation of a whole new era, just like Henok Yeshanew, who commonly goes by the name of Henny in his inner circle. Just by the age of 24, Henny has engraved his name in the list of the top 40 entrepreneurs of the world under 40. He did so by excelling in the digital marketing business.

Henok Yeshanew is the founder of the digital marketing agency, Lion. His company has been ranked The Top Marketing Agency in Ontario in 2018 and 2019, receiving The Canada Business Award. However, things were not always this easy for young Henny as they may seem now. Having humble beginnings, Henny had this urge to do something different from ordinary masses and leaving a legacy behind, but he wasn’t quite sure how to do so. In his late teens, he didn’t have much direction about what career to pursue and why?

Although he had figured out his strengths and weaknesses to some extent, he was still kind of dubious in choosing a career path. Being good at negotiating and dealing with the masses, Henny decided to become a lawyer in the longer run. But it was after not so long that he began to feel that the career was not aligned with his aura and passion. After applying for law school, he started exploring certain other avenues as well since he was pretty sure that he wouldn’t cherish spending the coming ten precious years of his life, merely practicing law.

After looking at several potential career paths, Henny found digital marketing strike a chord between his interests and passion. Moreover, he also had initial success as the first few clients he worked with experienced quite a lot of boom in their revenues due to his accurate recommendations and effective marketing strategies. At this point, everything began to sort out for young Henny, and he became sure of what he was going to do in the coming few years. From there on, he never looked back and made the reputation of a top-notch marketer and promoter in the industry.

Had he not figured out his true line of work early in his life, the chances of him making to the top and being ranked among the top young entrepreneurs would have been quite dim. What’s fascinating is the fact that this Gen Z trailblazer didn’t become disheartened from the initial backlashes and struggles in his career and continued to move forward with an open heart and an eye full of dreams. In Henny’s case, the road to excellence was not defined in the first place; rather, he carved the path himself and then set on a journey.

The critical point here is to figure this all out in the early years of your career at a relatively young age when others are either partying or still finding their passion. Millennials also need to take this lesson from Henny’s story that you need to venture into newer fields and not be influenced by any peer pressure.

Henny has worked with numerous celebrities and business tycoons throughout his career, ensuring their online presence. Moreover, Henny’s success story also highlights the element of uncertainty on the whole account that he used in the best of his interest. The same uncertainty allowed him to venture into newer avenues and carve out the statue of glory and success by his bare hands with his utmost determination and steadfastness. Persistence is what all it takes once you have decided to pursue your passion. For not even a single day, Henny let his working ethics tremble down while battling the initial hardships in his entrepreneurial journey.


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