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Author Bryan Cole has carved a unique niche in the epic fantasy genre. With the release of two captivating books in his A Paladin’s Journey series, “Beginning of Arrogance” and “Futility of Defense,” Cole invites readers to explore his intricate and immersive fantasy worlds.

A Novelist’s Journey

The world of fantasy is a realm of boundless possibilities, where gods and mortals interact, and destinies are woven by the threads of magic. It’s a place where archetypes are transformed into living, breathing characters, and the lines between good and evil blur. Bryan Cole’s books embrace these intricate elements, offering readers an adventure into the complex tapestry of his imagination.

One of the distinctive aspects of Cole’s fantasy universe is the presence of provably real deities and the corresponding impact on people living in the world – an unusual concept in the fantasy genre. The main character, Krell, is a paladin of ReckNor, a tempestuous god of the seas and skies, providing a fresh take on the paladin archetype. He holds immense influence over the lives of the characters. But death is not an end in this world; it’s merely a gateway to an afterlife, and it’s this belief that drives the inhabitants to live their lives according to their understanding of the divine.

Challenges Faced and Overcome

Juggling a full-time job while pursuing a writing career is no small feat, and Cole readily acknowledges it. He describes himself as a “plotter,” referring to the deliberate and methodical approach he takes in developing his stories.

Cole’s storytelling process is as methodical and considered as it is unique. With the overarching goal of creating a seven-book series, each installment must be a self-contained narrative. Cole carefully plans each book, striving to maintain a consistent experience for readers as they progress through the series. He offers a distinct perspective through various character reactions to the unfolding events, creating a dynamic and engaging story world. “I’m most focused on the characters,” he says.

What Lies on the Horizon

For those who aspire to embark on their own writing journey, Bryan Cole offers a simple yet powerful piece of advice: “Just start writing.” Armed with a notepad and computer, one can explore the depths of creativity, ultimately discovering whether writing is a passion that ignites their soul. It’s an inexpensive and rewarding hobby that allows individuals to express their creativity and share their unique voices with the world.

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