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When people think of private dining, it’s unlikely to associate the dishes with frozen food, but Wei-Chuan USA wanted to prove to people otherwise.

On October 5, LA Weekly Asia hosted a surprise event along with Steep LA, a modern teahouse in Los Angeles, to create an “instagrammable” and memorable experience. The event was designed to push the boundaries of frozen food, and to surprise 10 highly influential content creators in Los Angeles, but little did they know that the course menu was centered around Wei-Chuan U.S.A.’s food products.

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The menu consisted of a series of modern dishes– a four-course menu paired with a dessert trio, interspersed with Chinese tea-inspired concoctions to showcase Steep LA’s exquisite culinary skills.


The Menu:

“Crispy Spring Roll Crumble with Shrimp Endive Cups”: Crumbled Wei-Chuan U.S.A. Pork & Shrimp Spring Rolls, Shrimp, Apple, Endive, Burrata

“Shaoxing Chicken Liver Pâté with Scallion Pancake”: Wei-Chuan U.S.A. Frozen Onion Pie, Chicken Pâté, Shaoxing Wine, Black Tea Jujube Jam

“Oolong Dashi Broth with Scallop and Bean Curd”: Wei-Chuan U.S.A. Bean Curd Bundle, Oolong, Anchovy, Scallops, Celtuce

“Truffle Cream Dumplings”: Wei-Chuan U.S.A. Pork, Scallop, and Shrimp Dumplings, Shaved Truffle, Cream

multi food

Mini Dessert Platter:

“Sesame Rice Ball Pandan Chiffon Cake”: Wei-Chuan U.S.A.’s Black Sesame Rice Balls, Pandan Chiffon Cake, Chantilly Cream

“Mini Taro Pastry with Red Bean Jelly Soup”: Wei-Chuan U.S.A.’s Red Bean Jelly Ice Bar, Taro, and Pastry

“Seasonal Fruit Tea Jelly”: Steep LA’s Selected Tea, Gelatin, Pear, and Grapes


The Big Reveal:

Toward the end of the event, LA Weekly Asia finally revealed that the dishes served were centered around Wei-Chuan U.S.A. products, the guests gasped and were blown away by the cleverness and tastiness of the dishes served.

Many were impressed by how naturally the tea pairings came together with the dishes and were surprised to learn that they could easily find those ingredients at their local grocery shops. When we interviewed (Jacqueline), she said, “it’s so cool that those beautiful gourmet dishes were made with Wei-Chuan U.S.A. frozen food products, and I can’t believe that some of the ingredients are from Wei-Chuan USA’s frozen food, that’s so creative!”


Wei-Chuan U.S.A. was founded in 1972, and this year marks the brand’s 50th anniversary. Over the past 50 years, Wei-Chuan U.S.A. has committed to bringing creativity, innovation, and Asian flavors to the table. And this time, Wei-Chaun U.S.A. again disrupted the idea of “private dining” through its collaboration with Steep LA.

The exclusive dining event on October 5th broke down the barriers of frozen food– the food conglomerate not only successfully elevated people’s dining experience with its exquisite food products but also proved to everyone that frozen food products can turn into gourmet dishes too.



10/5 Influencer Line-Up:

Amanda JustinAmanda @itsamandalo & Justin @justinxiee

Amanda is a lifestyle YouTuber who graduated with a Master’s in Piano Performance at Northwestern University on a full scholarship.

As a piano major, Amanda often shares her piano covers and her daily life with her husband, Justin, and her cats on her Youtube channel. What makes her different from other music cover Youtubers is that she not only has perfect pitch but also can easily add her own impromptu accompaniment to pretty much any music. Through her authentic talented self, her YoutTube channel has accumulated over 1 million views and around 179k followers thus far.


ArielAriel @arielliuu_

Ariel is the co-founder of AQ Marketing agency, an international marketing firm

and consulting agency that specializes in cross-cultural campaigns and foreign market

integration. Aside from the above, she is also a stellar content creator and podcaster who often collaborates with brands to produce quality content and visuals. Ariel’s artistry can be seen on prominent accounts and platforms, such as DineLA and Abercrombie.



AshleeAshlee @imashleelai

Ashley is a yoga-loving, green juice-drinking, wellness-obsessed entrepreneur and content creator living in Los Angeles. In her leisure time, Ashlee loves researching the latest trends and sharing her passion for wellness, beauty, and lifestyle with her online followers. Her goal is to inspire people to get healthy, be happy and create a life they love living.






Brittney.jpgBrittney @brittneyau

Brittney Au is an LA-based art director with a passion for food, fashion, and travel. Content creation has always been an extension of her creativity, as she loves posting her personal recommendations all over Los Angeles and beyond.

Whether it’s supporting a small business, trying the newest restaurant, or rating food at Disneyland, Brittney applies her personal aesthetic and knack for storytelling to all the content she creates. She believes that food has the power to connect people, thus she loves to share her own experiences so that it might encourage others to try new things.



JanetJanet @foodiexbun

Janet originally started her food account, @foodiexbun, as a way to meet people in LA through food back in 2016. What came to her surprise is that many foodies in LA were very open to meeting up with her to try out food together.

Throughout the years, she was able to form a close circle of foodie friends to explore the LA food scenes and used her platform to share with her followers all the places she’s eating at!




MelanieMelanie @meowanie

Melanie Wardhana is the reigning Miss World America California, a former Miss Asian America, a fashion, lifestyle, and food content creator, and a Technical Recruiter at Cash App. She’s passionate about Asian American representation and empowering others through career coaching.








Tony @tonyeats

Tony is a native Angeleno. In 2015, Tony started his platform @TonyEats in hopes to share his tasty treats finds in LA as well as from his travels around the world. What started as a personal hobby quickly became a public blog to showcase the vibrant cuisines that LA and other places he’s traveled to have to offer. On his IG, one can see a wide range of cuisines, from spicy chicken sandwiches to Michelin star meals, and everything in between.





Victoria Loi

Victoria @victorialoi

Victoria is a Vietnamese-Chinese American-born model, photographer, content creator, and art director based in Los Angeles and Saigon. She has over 50,000 followers on Instagram and is using her social media platform to document her life through fashion, art, food, and coffee. She is working on opening her first business in Orange County, which is projected to open at the beginning of 2023.







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