This 17 year old is revolutionising the e-mobility market in Germany

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His first job at 13, his first company at 15, and several limited liability companies at 17. Now he bought a top-level domain for a 5-figure sum and is well-connected with celebrities from around the globe.

Patrick Scherzinger is the founder and CEO of Scherzinger Group, a German bundle of investments and holdings. Amongst these is All Electric GmbH, his current main focus. Said company has recently acquired the domain “” for a considerable 5-figure amount. To most “non-German-speakers,” this might not sound like a great deal, but in fact, it very much is: “elektrisch” means “electric,” and “.de” is the top-level ending for Germany.

“With the purchase of the domain, we now want to distinguish ourselves further and further from the competition and become a market leader for electromobility, especially micro-mobility,” says Patrick Scherzinger in an interview. The company mainly sells e-scooters, e-bikes, and electric motorcycles in the German market. Plans to expand into further parts of Europe are already being discussed.

This is not the first time he has invested in intangible assets. He just recently acquired the username @pas for his personal brand on Instagram. These three letter usernames are considered of great value due to being extremely rare. Prices can range anywhere from mid-four to lower five-figures for such usernames on the platform. We, however, speculate that @pas was acquired through some of his promising relationships with other influencers and higher-level celebrities. He has recently been spotted with ex “Hype House” member Chase Hudson (@lilhuddy) flying what appears to be business class to the Milan fashion week. Chase recently changed his username from @lilhuddy to simply @huddy. We, therefore, see a strong correlation in a possible closer relationship with Meta, the parent company of the Instagram platform. This might well be how likewise Patrick obtained his elegant new username.

Patrick also seems to be in close contact with higher individuals in the German market, such as Cathy Hummels, the wife of Mats Hummels, one of the top defenders playing for the German national team. Both Cathy and Patrick reported their aircraft caught fire and emergency landing on their flight from Milan to Munich. It doesn’t seem far from reality to speculate that both were on their way directly from Fashion week to Oktoberfest. It is fair to say that he seems very well connected in and outside his industry.

For youngsters interested in finance, Patrick connects his personal and business life well on his Instagram. Our reporter Aaron has been following him for the last couple of months and will continue to do so. At LA Weekly, we love to talk about the rise of young individuals like Patrick Scherzinger. Perhaps we will see him emerge into the US market or visit the west coast sooner or later. Either way, we are looking forward to it.

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