“They Told Me Not To Write” How Award Winning Author, Sandra L Rostirolla, Transitioned From a Stem Background to Writing Top Indie Novels

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Sandra L Rostirolla’s journey to becoming an author is a tale of transformation. Born in Sydney, Australia, Rostirolla was destined for a life in the sciences. She excelled in math and science throughout her academic journey and was encouraged by her teachers and mentors to focus solely on these subjects. Her natural talent for creative writing often took a back seat, dismissed as a mere hobby by those around her.

Yet, as life often has its way of bringing about change, Rostirolla’s passion for storytelling was rekindled surprisingly during her college years. A casual conversation opened her eyes to the idea that mathematical acumen and creative storytelling could be intertwined. It was this moment of realization that would set her on the path to becoming an author.

The Birth of “Making Friends With Monsters”

For Rostirolla, the motivation to write her latest novel, “Making Friends With Monsters,” was deeply personal. Tragedy had struck her life as she lost her father and two brothers to suicide, and she also witnessed a close friend experience a similar loss. These experiences served as a powerful impetus for her to address the often-stigmatized issue of mental health.

The novel doesn’t just tackle the topic head-on; it does so in a sensitive and compassionate way, offering readers a lighter approach to discussing the inner demons that we all possess. “I wrote the book to help address mental health issues and hopefully create a lighter way to address the monsters we all have,” Sandra says. Through her storytelling, she provides a medium for people to confront these monsters and learn vital life lessons.

A Multifaceted Journey to Success

Sandra’s artistic journey includes an early exploration of music, where she collaborated with her husband, composer Kurt Oldman, to create her debut CD, “Thyme.” Her path led her to focus on writing, resulting in a diverse portfolio of creative works. Her screenplay “Life on Mars” received recognition in the Page International Screenwriting Competition, and her short animation, “The Adventures of Gilbert the Goofball,” was a runner-up for Best Animation at the Action on Film Festival.

Her talent as a writer continued to shine through, with her short story “Lucky Quarter” earning a finalist spot in the Rick DeMarinis Short Story Award. Sandra’s debut YA/Fantasy novel, “Cecilia: The Last Croilar Tier,” opened new doors, placing her in the top fifteen percent of the Nicholl Fellowship and receiving multiple prestigious awards.

“Making Friends With Monsters” further solidified Sandra’s position as a remarkable author. The book’s accolades include being named IngramSpark’s Bestselling Young Adult Fiction Book of 2023, a Good Housekeeping Book Club Pick, a Booklife Editor’s Pick, and receiving the Kirkus Star.

A Life Beyond Writing

Sandra L Rostirolla’s life isn’t confined to the world of literature. Her passions extend beyond the pages of her books. She enjoys skiing, hiking, and snorkeling with turtles, connecting with the beauty of the natural world. She resides in Los Angeles, where she shares her life with her husband and a rescue kitten named Noodle.

Sandra’s journey from STEM to bestselling author exemplifies the power of embracing one’s creative potential and using it to address profound issues. Her books are more than stories; they are instruments of change, encouraging readers to confront their inner monsters and find the path to self-discovery. Her work serves as an inspiration for those who dare to dream and embark on a journey of self-discovery and creativity.

To learn more about Sandra L Rostirollas’s books, you can visit her website.

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