These Are Travel Vlogger Hussen Shambesh’s Picks for the Friendliest Cities in the World

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The pandemic has changed the world for good with an all-encompassing shift from manual to adopting a digital way of life to the way we travel and meet new people. In many ways, the world is now divided along the pre and post-pandemic lines. It is no surprise, then, that one of the niches most in vogue among content creators today is travel and lifestyle. Famous travel vlogger, content creator, and Instagram influencer, Hussen Shambesh is exploring the renewed world dynamically with his passion for traveling.

As a content creator, Hussen primarily focuses on presenting an alternative view of the world as we know or, instead, as we once knew it. In doing so, he goes to far-off destinations that often remain uncharted, unexplored, or rarely talked about in the common media. As a history buff, he manages to link the cities he visits with their captivating historical past. For Hussen, this is the underlying beauty of traveling, which he hopes to unravel.

Amongst his favorite countries with regard to their hospitality, friendliness, and welcoming nature, Hussen ranks Victoria, Canada, highly. He believes it to be one of the most magnificent cities in the world, primarily because of its historical density. The name comes from the 19th Century English monarch and then-Queen of Canada, Queen Victoria I. It is one of the oldest Pacific Northwestern establishments of the English monarchy, which left a lasting impact on Hussen for its exuberant landscapes and hefty lineage. He was particularly fond of Victoria’s beautifully decorated and historically significant gardens, particularly the Bonsai Garden.

Another city that captivated Hussen in a similar thrall was the small village of Positano in Italy. Although the village is not as popular as other destinations and tourist resorts in the country, Positano, in the influencer’s own words, is a “secret heaven.” From the vibrant colors and hues to the crowded streets and topographical variety, Hussen thoroughly fell in love. What took the cake for him was the quiet sense of unity among the locals and the tourists and the harmonious mesh between culture and home. Tourists and citizens came together in domestic harmony that the influencer had rarely seen.

While Positano struck Hussen for its culture and urban beauty, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll in Southern Maldives is his absolute favorite for the same reasons. Amongst all the countries and cities Shambesh visited, this was by far the most hospitable and welcoming. From the moment he set foot in this district, he was met with cordial hosts and receivers. He was welcomed with Hawaiian Lei and music and was seen off in the same tone and vein. He especially loved how the people coexisted with the oceanic beings, and the respect and admiration both showed for one another.

With his content, Hussen hopes to inspire and encourage young and passionate individuals to make a career out of their hobbies. By profession, Hussen is an IT consultant with over 13 years of experience, but it is luxury travel, sports cars, and drones that make him the happiest. With hard work, commitment, and resilience, he has found a way to balance them perfectly. The snippets he shares of these memorable moments relay his unwavering love for travel, for not only is he able to meet, understand, and exist with people from different parts of the world, but he also brings their beauty into light which was long hidden from the naked eye.

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