The ponytail can be traced back to Ancient Greece, 1600 BC, where women with ponytails appear in artworks and frescoes. The ponytail would appear again later in Rome and Egypt. As time went on, this top-of-the-head hairstyle became popular with men in different cultures as well. As more time passed, the ponytail would become required by the European soldiers in France and also in English Parliament. This is easy to understand since the ponytail is a comfortable way to move hair away from the face and can be worn low or high and also adorned with, say, a blue ribbon or other hair ornaments.

By the 1960s, the ponytail was a household name and young girls everywhere enjoyed this simplistic hairstyle adorned with ribbons, barrettes and even fresh flowers. Does anyone remember Steven Segal’s ponytail that launched a new 1980’s trend with men who were sporting a Miami Vice wardrobe and the Steven Segal ponytail?

Fast forward to the present and who can forget the beautiful Beyoncé at the Met Gala in 2015 who wowed us with her Givenchy gown and that perfect high ponytail that you may not know was a last-minute fix in the elevator! Originally, Bey had a chignon and was not happy with the look – thankfully her stylist knew how to pull a fast one and style her in the high ponytail she was photographed in.

Then it was 2013 when a new ponytail pop star hit the stage with her hit “Yours Truly”; Ariana Grande is uber famous for the ponytail look and wears it more often than any other hairstyle.

The Dollhouse Salon recently launched a precious new ponytail that is easy for anyone to use, for any occasion, and at a perfect price point.

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Seventeen years ago, when Dollhouse Salon owner Breanna was in cosmetology school, part of her studies included creating a mock salon. Her mock salon project forced her into putting together a business plan and during that process, she knew she wanted her own salon. That wish came true in July of 2018. This is no ordinary salon. As you make your way through the entrance, you are greeted with Retro Style 1940’s music. Almost everything inside this hidden gem is vintage from the vintage dolls, to the bubblegum pink dollhouse with gold accents, to the vintage dryer, to the vintage music box. You are transported to the 1940s and 1950s of old Hollywood glamour. This salon has a uniqueness to its uniqueness. Most clients need a few minutes to take it all in before checking in for their appointment. There is a mid-Century, 6-foot tall coffin that matches the pink dollhouse and acts as a display for Davines products. (Davines is an Italian-based, family-run business that is all-natural and uses sustainable packaging which makes it a clean beauty product.)

Meeting Breanna you immediately see her incredible drive and tenacity and this is how Carousel Hair Extensions was born.  Her drive is what keeps her creative and creating to inspire the world’s first magnetic ponytail. She has always had a passion for Halloween and Goth and it is evident in her style where you will see details of the old Hollywood glam coupled with her love of Goth to create that unique look. She even got married on Halloween! The packaging is a great example of this combination where you have a bubblegum pink box in the shape of a coffin. To this, add the extraordinary product inside.

Within minutes, I was able to change my straight, long hairstyle to something glamorous. This item also comes in fantasy colors such as pastel blue, pastel pink and lilac – they can also be custom colored for a perfect match to your own hair color.

For anyone who is getting married, it is the perfect, comfortable hairstyle for your big day and looks beautiful with any style veil.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, it makes the perfect gift for Moms and comes in beautiful packaging!

The Dollhouse Salon is located on the second floor of 1525 Mesa Verde East in Costa Mesa, California. It will be worth your while to see the details this location has to offer. For those who prefer shopping online simply visit Follow the Dollhouse Salon on IG @_CarouselHairExtensions_

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