The World of Crypto Meets the World of Entertainment Meets the World of Couture Fashion

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Jenny Q. Ta

  1. You’ve been a very successful serial entrepreneur with three out of three successful exits with your latest acquisition merging you into the roll of Co-Founder and COO of (or, simply, HODL Assets), the PARENT COMPANY of GalaxE NFT-social aggregator platform, a revolutionary NFT platform and marketplace that has led the way into the future by being the first to facilitate the creation, buying, and selling of non-fungible tokens on multiple blockchains. In contrast, most other NFT marketplaces support only Ethereum. The HODL-CL acquisition will also include “The Cryptotainment Conference.Could you share the partnership between the Cryptotainment and the Global Couture Gala?


As the word “Cryptotainment” can clearly be described as two worlds ‘crypto’ and ‘entertainment’ colliding under one roof. Entertainment can be quite broad from movies, TV shows, sporting events, comedy clubs, concerts, etc., and there are fashion shows. I’m particularly intrigued with fashion because it simply makes a statement from simply wearing a pair of ripped jeans, sneakers, or getting dressed up and glamorous again for a night out or celebration, in post-vaccination style.

Fashion also makes the most sense in the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs, or a unit of unique data stored on the blockchain system that can be traded and sold. Most digital files can become NFTs, but in the fashion industry can go beyond imagery. The fashion models can NFT their couture gowns, stilettos, crowns, jewelry, and so much more. Each fashion model can have his or her collection of NFT’s.

We’ve decided to partner with the Global Couture Gala for this very reason. The Executive Producer, Linda Gray is a good friend of mine and she is well connected within the fashion industry. A former model herself, and her love for fashion, beauty modeling and fashion show production. The collaboration between two events in two different locations, and about two months apart will not only be seamless, but incredible.

  1. Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have made an explosive entrance in the world of art as many artists are now able to take their work and offer it up for sale as a digital collectible. Through these blockchain-enabled digital assets, the artist cannot only maintain ownership of a piece of the art they produce but also gain royalties from sales made in secondary markets. Could you share more about this ongoing phenomenon and do you see it’s going to top anytime soon?


Absolutely not! Mark Cuban recently said, “digital ownership and creator royalties are two huge reasons why the NFT industry has $100 billion potential. NFT trading volume was over $10 billion in the third quarter of 2021 alone, and $3 billion of it was just in a single month of August.” Personally, I believe cryptocurrencies seem to be in a bull run with Bitcoin just broke an all-time-high last week, I believe the NFT industry can easily surpass a trillion dollars by 2022. Think of NFT’s now the same as when the world was learning about the internet or emails or text messaging.

The most fascinating thing is NFT’s is just getting started. While the first NFT was minted in 2014 by Kevin McCoy named, “Quantum,” which was recently sold for $1.4 million, since no one ever heard about it until late March to early April of this year. If you think about it, that was just seven months ago.

  1. In your views, how does technology affect fashion?


Explosive! When it comes to technology and fashion I can write a book about these two industries alone and how they can innovate and transform the world. For example, since the pandemic of nearly two years ago livestream shopping has increased nearly 45% according to, and with AI technology shoppers can utilize it to help shoppers make more informed decisions.

The explosion of the NFT market this year will only enhance both industries into a global phenomenon that we may not have seen since the inventions of the electric light, automobile and the telephone. NFTs will eventually integrate and become more social as the values behind some earlier NFTs will only become more precious and valuable. Fashion will no longer be just the clothes we wear, but it can be completely transformed into a form of an investment, a digital asset offering the creator the ability to create and sell them as a collectible. How incredible is that?


Linda Gray

  1. As the Executive Producer of the Global Couture Gala, what would you consider as a success besides having a full house?


I would like to deliver a first class, quality, one of a kind production through memorable experiences surrounding diversity and inclusion.  I would like to see excitement in the room, smiles on faces, laughter, great communication, old and new connections coming together, development of opportunities and possible partnerships.  Most of all, I want everyone to have a great time and as a result, they will look forward to the Global Couture Gala the following year.

  1. Fashion helps in uniting the whole world.Given where the world stands since the pandemic broke two years ago, your gala will be one of the first coutures to bring people back to live events.  So, does fashion truly reunite the world?  If so, how in your opinion?


Yes, I believe in my opinion, fashion will truly reunite the world.  To say the least, our lives dramatically changed in the past two years. I am extremely happy to see live events come back.  Fashion is rooted in all cultures.  It’s about human connection.  People are ready to get out again, switch it up from their uniform they wore during the pandemic i.e. pajamas, sweats and sneakers.  I believe people get excited when they get dressed up, that will never change.  Global Couture Gala provides that opportunity to get dressed to the nines, intermingle and network with various cultures from around the world, all under one roof for a night of glitz and glam to celebrate diversity and inclusion through the world of fashion, beauty and entertainment, as noted in our theme “Bridging Cultures Embracing Diversity.”

  1. The fashion industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds given the pandemic.Why do you think so?  Why are people buying fashion if most everyone has been in doors?


First of all, we are consumers of fashion.  Fashion is a billion dollar industry.   Fashion serves as a way of being self-expressed and it speaks a lot about us as a people.  It shapes various aspects of our lives and opens doors to personal connection, communication and unity.  There is also consumer loyalty.  I believe people are preparing to get back to a life of normalcy after having two difficult years of the pandemic, although it will never be as it once was.

One of the services we offer at L Gray Image Consulting, LLC, we help to create a desired image for our clients that is consistent with their brand, personally or professionally.  We believe your personal style encompasses who you are, how you show up, your very first impression. With that said, social media platforms are huge in our society and consumers are inspired by social media content, influencers, what celebrities wear when they are out and about town, as well as, what they wear at awards shows and the red carpet.  Consumers are heavily influenced by designer fashions and style.  To some extent, people are looking to spend money, enhance their wardrobe, mimic the style of an A-list celebrity and have the experience of feeling good from what is being shown to the world.  



  1. Fashion is self-expression through art.What does fashion mean to you and why is it important?


Fashion is freedom. I am inspired to be whoever I want to be for that moment. Whether it be fun, bold, sexy, demure, or artistic. It transforms us. How invigorating that feels!

  1. Fashion has turned into an intrinsic part of a media outlet.As a five-time Emmy Award Winning American Journalist and former Host TV Personality, do you believe fashion is dependent on the discussion about fashion-related things and events?


Yes of course! Talk inspires fashion trends. We watch awards shows and often the talk is not so much who won the award, but “what” a celebrity wore on the red carpet. Fashion is a topic as important as the award itself.

  1. In your own words, what does fashion mean to you?


Fashion to me equates to the pieces assembled to create STYLE.  It’s WHAT you choose, HOW you assemble it, and HOW you wear it … that makes it look fashionable. You’ve heard the phrases, “Wear it and don’t let it wear you” or  “work it,” Hahaha I truly believe that. I prefer a clean and sophisticated look with some provocative carefully placed in the mix . Bam! Hahaha

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