The Woman Who Is On A Mission To Transform Mainstream Spirituality

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Spirituality has been at the heart of each culture’s traditions for many centuries since the beginning of time. We have seen many spiritual gurus who taught us a lot about life, starting with the well-known Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, and Deepak Chopra. Each spiritual practice has mutual similarities but also differences that set them apart. And yet, there is still a new spiritual approach that is making waves worldwide, attracting much attention from those searching for spiritual truth.

In today’s article, we will talk about a leader and teacher who has made strides and discoveries in the spiritual realm: Nina Verkoeyen. Many people who come across Nina are pulled in by her remarkable beauty but leave feeling struck by the wisdom and peace that emanates from her. Who is this teacher, and how are her teachings and practices so revolutionary? These are the answers that we will answer today.

The Modern Female Buddha: Meet Nina Verkoeyen

Nina is not your average spiritual guru. She is a teacher whose knowledge and expertise come from a long line of education and search for answers. As a psychology graduate, Nina enjoyed her career as a psychologist for only a few years and quickly understood that despite her training and education about the human mind, she was still missing many answers about life.

The spiritual coaches and teachers she turned to never seemed to provide the answers she was looking for; neither had any spiritual practices and methods solved her challenging quest. She continued looking to others for those answers until she discovered she didn’t have to look too far.

The Discovery of the “The Last Truth”

As Nina searched for answers, she became increasingly disappointed with fruitless spiritual practices, but her desire to learn and understand grew. In 2016, she finally discovered the answers she was looking for through her own enlightenment that revealed the secrets she desperately desired to know. These answers later became a part of a series of lectures called “The Last Truth”, which became the groundwork for Meta Spirituality.

What is Meta Spirituality?

Meta Spirituality is an entirely new spiritual tradition that provides a more advanced approach beyond intermediaries. When you are Meta Spiritual, you develop a new identity that encompasses the relationship between you and the Creator, making you the Creator of your destiny and your inner world. The division between you and the Creator is essentially eliminated because the Creator is YOU.

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How Does Meta Spirituality Differ From Mainstream Spirituality?

Mainstream spirituality heavily relies on intermediaries that intercede on our behalf to a higher power. Many such practices do not unveil the whole truth of who the higher power is and how to make our spiritual quests more efficient and effective.

Meta Spirituality teaches how to search for all of life’s answers within yourself. It alters the person’s perspective about the world around them, allowing them to see things in a clearer light to create the life and world they want to live in. All this is accomplished by looking deep within, without intermediaries, prayers, meditation, or other practices. You are your own Creator, and Meta Spirituality is a way to activate your inner Creator self.

How Will Meta Spirituality Benefit Me?

Meta Spirituality is for those who have been seeking spiritual truths for an extended time but have not achieved satisfactory results. Personal development techniques, affirmations, rituals and meditations can only take you so far. With The Last Truth, you will receive all the answers to life once and for all.

Thanks to Meta Spirituality, you will, at last, be fulfilled and put on a path toward spiritual growth and self-actualization that will affect every area of your life in an astoundingly positive way. You will realize that nothing is impossible to you once you begin to work on developing a relationship with the Creator, who is you. Those who are driven towards achieving more in life but can never quite find their desired results will find a home with Meta Spirituality.

How Can I Tell That Meta Spirituality Is For Me?

Whether this tradition will benefit you as an individual will depend on the answers to the questions about your journey thus far. Have you been aimlessly wandering from one spiritual coach or teaching without any concrete answers to your problems? Are you tired of feeling underachieved and hopeless about never getting the tangible results you’re looking for? If you find yourself nodding “yes” to these questions, then perhaps it is time to take a hard look into Meta Spirituality and activate your inner Creator.

How Do I Begin My Own Journey With Meta Spirituality?

Are you ready to become the Creator that you are? If so, Meta Spirituality invites you to begin your discovery of the enlightenment – “The Last Truth.” You will learn to apply the principles of Meta Spirituality in your life to experience the awakening transformation immediately. This journey will help you understand the identity of the one and true Creator, who is you.

Those prepared to embark on their own Meta Spirituality are welcome to begin by visiting the Meta Spirituality website to learn more information or by watching the free masterclass “Introduction to Meta Spirituality“.

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