The Uncle Ardy Foundation, Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, Hot Rod, and MGA Consulting Inc. team up to end homelessness in Los Angeles 

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We are all aware of the on-going challenge to address homelessness in Los Angeles and the incredible need to provide access to affordable housing to our city’s most vulnerable population – women and children. 

Thanks to The Uncle Ardy Foundation, Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, Hot Rod, and MGA Consulting Inc., The SAVE LA Campaign is being launched to help address this very issue in our city. 

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“The go-to person when you are in trouble and you don’t want your parents to know is your uncle”, says Ardy Pirnia, founder of Pirnia Law and the nonprofit arm of the firm, The Uncle Ardy Foundation. 

“I want to help be that person that the city can go to when there is a critical challenge, and immediate resources are needed to solve it. What bigger need is there than to help the unhoused women and children of Los Angeles – many of which are victims of domestic violence – acquire safe housing and support.”

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Earlier this year, the state and county provided $9.9 million to purchase and reconstruct a hotel to house over 100 single mothers and their children. However, they needed an additional $1 million to complete the project. 

The Uncle Ardy Foundation stepped in to fill the gap. 

They have raised over $1 million to help provide 172 beds for homeless families and women and children, a reliable source of food for the families, tutoring for children, and mental health support.

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This is all in partnership with the Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, one of Los Angeles’ longest running and most impactful nonprofit organizations addressing homelessness. Hope of the Valley has been creating affordable housing opportunities for the people that need it most for 13 years. Just this year, they provided 547,500 nights of shelter and 1,642,500 meals. 

Hot Rod, a popular apparel store on Sawtelle Blvd., has also put their hand up to join the campaign and has committed to donating a portion of their apparel sales to The Uncle Ardy Foundation. They’ve produced a special Save LA design for the apparel – a palm tree on fire, symbolizing the state of the city we all love in dire need for each of to stop standing by and take immediate action.  

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MGA Consulting Inc., a boutique marketing firm founded by Matthew Arce and based in Los Angeles, facilitated the collaboration as a way to build a meaningful connection between the organizations and give back to the community. 

The restored hotel – named “The Uncle” – is a symbol of the public and private sectors coming together to solve one of the most important challenges in the city. 

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“If we, in the comfort of our own lives, can’t step out of our comfort zones to help these families, nobody will do it.” 

To support The SAVE LA campaign, visit Hot Rod Los Angeles ( to purchase the campaign apparel and help raise money for the Hope of the Valley and The Uncle Ardy Foundation. 

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