The TOYGERS Are Coming

During a recent interview on the Lex Fridman podcast, Metaverse founder Mark Zuckerberg was asked about the meaning of life. After a pause, he explained that if God made man in his image and the first thing God did was create, then the meaning of life is to create. COLLECTILABS are building within the metaverse, and they’re making toys – TOYGERS, to be specific.

TOYGERS will be non-fungible tokens or NFTs, a unique digital item with provenance, only one copy, and accurate world items. They are 3D tiger toys with unique variations, including classy, mysterious and abstract pieces. No two TOYGERS will be the same. So, what makes this brand unique? They are a community-driven NFT brand building for a long-term future within the Metaverse and the natural world universe.

COLLECTILABS are not new to the meta world nor NFTs. They have been on the scene in an advisory and investment role since 2020, so you can argue it was only a matter of time before they built a collection of their own. Having spied a gap in the market – for tigers and toys, COLLECTILABS is now working on making this cool concept an art-driven, high quality, and community-focused reality.

With the online world being relatively anonymous, you may wonder who these devilishly creative folk are? Meet Alexandre, Artistic Director based in the always chic Paris, former lead designer of famous brands and the 3D artistic stylings of Helsinki-based Omar. But, of course, they’re not alone either – COLLECTILABS is part of Web3 and has serious backing in the form of Whales of Crypto and NFTs.

What sets them apart from more fly-by-night NFT collections? These guys are in it for the long term and the community. All quality NFT collections and projects are broken down into phases. The first phase for TOYGERS is building within metaverses such as SANDBOX and NFT Worlds. This phase also includes the creation of 200 prototypes, some of which will progress to the first NFT collection, which’ll feature 200+ traits and legendaries.

Phase 2 kicks off with some community action. NFT TOYGERS holders can help direct the brand, products, and community. In addition, TOYGERS holders will be able to claim physical art versions of their TOYGERS NFTs and buy lands within the upcoming META, within DECENTRALAND, and BAYC YUGALABS metaverse.

Then we move into the third phase, where COLLECTILABS will seek collaborations with top artists to produce new TOYGERS products. They plan to go real world with apparel such as hoodies and t-shirts while also creating boutique concept stores, diamond-encrusted toygers for auction, and high-quality toys.

Finally, they will advance to the fourth phase, where all collaboration and community involvement will pay off for TOYGERS owners. They’ll release tokens which will be delivered based on brand revenue. This could be a nice passive income for TOYGERS owners. Drop your email on the TOYGERS website if you want to know more.

We are confident that COLLECTILABS innovators will continue to be thriving on great projects in the emerging decentralized web.

LA Weekly