The Top Cannabis Flower Brands for Spring/Summer 2023

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With the advent of legalization in many US states, convenience may eventually win out over the traditional, but for now flower is still the best-selling cannabis product. For some of us, rolling a joint or smoking a bowl with our buddies is a nostalgic ritual we are loath to give up. We will always want to feel and smell the raw power of the flower.

Here are the flower brands you need to know for Spring 2023.



Founder Randy Smith launched Melted under Arizona-based Studio Cannabis Collective in 2021. Sourcing from an array of preferred local vendors gives them the ability to hand-pick the best flower from across the state, allowing them to consistently provide premium and diverse product strains to their consumers. Ultimately, Melted cares about preserving and highlighting the power of the plant and the culture around it. It is the culture we all share.

The Details:

  • When creating products, Melted focuses on potency, quality, and innovation to deliver the consumer an elevated cannabis experience.
  • The Tiger Style infused pre-roll is wrapped in a 100% tobacco-free organic hemp wrap with a custom branded glass filter and the Mini Melt infused pre-rolls are equipped with a ceramic tip mouthpiece for optimal mouthfeel.
  • Melted also offers strain-specific live resin vape cartridges, live resin-infused gummies, and various concentrates.

The Highlights:

  • With decades of experience in the largest cannabis markets, the Melted team knows exactly what goes into making the highest quality products.
  • Melted’s full-nug flower pre-rolls are infused with strain-specific live resin terp sauce and THCA diamonds.


The Humboldt Cure LA WEEKLY S S 2023 FLOWER  ◇  @thehumboldtcure

In 1987, a young Joe Bilandzija and his father set out on a journey from the suburbs of Los Angeles to a pot farm in the now infamous region of Southern Humboldt known as Murder Mountain. Here Joe “Fasho” learned the importance of preserving the Humboldt culture and family traditions of cultivating the highest quality, full-spectrum cannabis, and mastering the craft of cannabis became his life’s mission.

The Details:

  • Joe Fasho founded The Humboldt Cure in 2015.
  • The Humboldt Cure has won numerous awards at prestigious cannabis events such as The Emerald Cup, Tommy Chong’s Blazer’s Cup, and The High Times Cannabis Cup.
  • Loud Line is The Humboldt Cure’s premier line of flower. All flower sourced for this line is the highest grade of full-spectrum cannabis available.

The Highlights:

  • 2023 will see the reintroduction of some of the most exclusive legacy strains that Joe Fasho bred at the company’s inception. These strains will include Zombie Fields, Punch Berries, Khali Sap and Starboozt.


THC Design LA WEEKLY S S 2023 FLOWER  ◇  @thcdesign

A true California legacy brand, THC Design originated in the black market before transitioning to the legal medical market, and finally to the Adult-Use recreational market in 2016. Today, with more than 150 different cultivars in their genetic library, they are one of the leading producers of premium quality indoor-grown cannabis.

The Details:

  • With a dedicated focus on the science behind full-spectrum cannabinoid and terpene profiles, THC Design is shifting the industry conversation away from THC percentages to a more nuanced view of the ways that different cannabis chemotypes affect different people.
  • THC Design is female-owned, operating under a Social Equity license.

The Highlights:

  • THC Design has made sustainability a priority by utilizing Integrated Pest Management, water reclamation techniques, LED lighting, and renewable energy. They are aiming to be the first indoor cannabis company to go completely carbon-neutral and eventually climate-positive.
  • A large part of the THC Design mission is to use their resources to improve local communities through direct action, whether that is feeding the homeless, supporting LGBTQIA groups, or participating in environmental cleanup.


Michigander Fire LA WEEKLY S S 2023 FLOWER

After 10 years of growing in the medical cannabis arena, Michigander Fire was granted an Adult-Use license in 2021. Family members Tim Scott and Tyler Dunlap now share their passion for cannabis and commitment to quality with Michigan at large through their craft flower.

The Details:

  • A family-owned and operated business.
  • Michigander Fire’s extraordinary dedication to quality, and their deeply rooted love for cannabis, are revealed in every strain they produce.

The Highlights:

  • Voted #1 Terps in Michigan with Zalympix 2022, #3 in Terps and #3 in Best Tasting in 2023.
  • New strains are always in rotation. Michigander Fire hunts seeds and select cuts from a collection of respected breeders, with a sprinkle of exotic or exclusive cuts from around the country.


Mombacho Farms LA WEEKLY S S 2023 FLOWER


Kirk Wesphal purchased 10 acres nestled in the rolling hills of Lake County between Mt Konocti and Mt Hannah in 2010. The volcanic Red Hill viticulture area allowed him to create a cannabis farm like no other. Mombacho Farms takes advantage of the native obsidian-laced soil to ward off natural plant predators and produce harvests that are consistently high in THC and terpenes.

The Details:

  • Mombacho Farms is a licensed, family-owned craft cannabis farm. Home to their exclusive, obsidian-grown cannabis.
  • Westphal believes that sungrown cannabis, where Mother Nature makes the call, is the conscience way to produce the highest quality buds from transplant to harvest and, ultimately, to their consumers.

The Highlights:

  • Mombacho Farms pairs the summertime sunshine with their hand-picked tissue culture genetics to consistently produce clean, sungrown cannabis with high THC and terpene content.
  • Their God’s Breath strain tested at 33.53% THC and 3.6% Terps.


Wave Rider Nursery LA WEEKLY S S 2023 FLOWER  ◇  @waveridernursery

Wave Rider Nursery is the definition of legacy when it comes to cannabis. Since the legalization of cannabis in California, the founding father and son duo have worked tirelessly to turn their legacy understandings into modern practices and a successful cannabis business

The Details:

  • Over 50 years of cannabis cultivation between founders, owners, and management.
  • Founded by a father and son duo deeply rooted in surf culture.
  • Wave Rider’s vast genetic library is the result of their passion for the plant meeting their cutting-edge innovation, collaboration, and preservation techniques.

The Highlights:

  • Bay Breeze, a Wave Rider strain that is 1:1 CBD to THC, is gaining massive popularity in shops across all of California due to its unique and highly sought-after effects.
  • Wave Rider Nursery dedicates substantial amounts of time, resources, and energy to pheno hunts in collaboration with some of the best breeders today.


SF Cultivators LA WEEKLY S S 2023 FLOWER  ◇  @sfcultivaors

Stationed in one of the sunniest corners of the city, a living relic of San Francisco’s tradition of mom-and-pop shops, SF Cultivators quietly produces excellence and focuses on the soul of the cannabis industry. Quality. Consistency. Variety. Trust.

The Details:

  • SF Cultivators prides themselves on the strong retail relationships they have forged over the last five years. They maintain a rigorous standard of quality – both through the products sold and service as a distributor.
  • SF Cultivators routinely stocks shelves with fresh grams and kief’d up prerolls all the way through to AAA quality half ounces.

The Highlights:

  • With a team of less than 8, SF Cultivators vet nearly three dozen genetics annually. Constantly exploring what’s interesting, trending, and timeless, the group sees the entire process through – from keeping a healthy mom stock and taking clones the old school way to in-house hand trimming, packaging, manufacturing, and distribution – all the way to the shelf.


Goldenseed LA WEEKLY S S 2023 Flower  ◇  @goldenseed

Goldenseed’s primary mission is to create a premium cannabis lifestyle brand built on their respect for nature and art. Nestled perfectly between the ocean and the hills, their farm exists in its very own unique microclimate. Here, where art and nature converge, Goldenseed works to grow the cleanest California cannabis.

The Details:

  • Goldenseed cannabis cultivation takes place on more than 20 acres of nursery land tucked into the hills of Monterey Bay in Santa Cruz County.
  • The niche growing environment and microclimate allow for the cultivars Goldenseed grows to develop their own unique terpene and flavonoid profile like no other.
  • Goldenseed has established farming practices that limit their impact on the planet while keeping their flowers complex, potent, beautiful, and richly flavored with terpenes which allow for an enhanced entourage effect.

The Highlights:

  • At Goldenseed farming is art, just as painting, poetry and music are art. They work with many talented artists to showcase how, much like art, cannabis is a personal experience that expands the human spirit and brings people together.




Generally used to describe an underwhelming product, “Mids” are definitely not what Jacob Onat and Mark Weisheit had in mind when they founded NO MIDS® in Seattle, Washington in 2019. The duo created a company that combines genetic engineering with an obsessive approach to growing that produces cannabis flower and concentrates of unparalleled quality.

The Details:

  • NO MIDS® – in collaboration with Solfire Gardens – blends science and creativity to constantly and consistently develop new strains that target specific, desirable genetic traits.
  • From the soil they grow in and the nutrients they use, to the hand-trimming of every flower and an extended curing process, NO MIDS® takes extra care to ensure the customer is getting something incredibly exotic that is hard to find elsewhere.

The Highlights:

  • 2020 Northwest Leaf “Strain Of The Month” – Kosher Kush & Sour Garlic Cookies. This was the publisher’s first ever “dual” strain of the month feature.
  • 1st place & 2nd place – 2020 Craft Cannabis Cup “Best Solventless Rosin” – Malibu Marsha & Sour Garlic Cookies.


High Country Cones LA WEEKLY S S 2023 FLOWER

Colorado’s High Country Cones are known for their infused pre-rolls. Really known. The hand-twisted cones are made with 100% nug. But don’t worry, they gather kief and full-melt hash from all that shake and trim to infuse their ground flower for the best infused cone one can imagine.

The Details:

  • High Country Cones was founded by Colorado natives Virginie d’Andrimont, John Costigan and Colby Bolger in 2018.
  • Each cone is hand twisted – creating the perfect pack for a consistent, even burn.
  • Each strain batch is infused with its specific kief or full-melt.

The Highlights:

  • 1st Place High Times Cannabis Cup Winner for Pre Rolls – 2019
  • 1st Place High Times Peoples Choice Winner for Pre Rolls – 2020, 2022 (2021 – no competition held)
  • High Country Cones’ flower is grown in South Park Colorado at nearly 10,000 feet above sea level!


Official Gooniez LA WEEKLY S S 2023 FLOWER


A San Francisco legacy brand with stand-out strains of their own, Official Gooniez is also known for their successful collaborations with brands from both coasts.

The Details:

  • Gooniez is currently working toward establishing a sustainable grow operation to process the material for flower and rosin extraction.

The Highlights:

  • Gooniez collaborations include Secret Breakfast with Buddy’s Bodega, Wowdatsfire with Bubba Gum Co., and Lemon Gelato Push Pop with Dubz Garden.


LA Weekly 2023 Flower Narvona

Narvona is a Michigan-based cannabis cultivation brand committed to bringing the cleanest, highest quality flower products to the market while providing an authentic luxury weed experience. Founded in 2018 by Jake Carr, family-owned Narvona offers indoor, cleanroom-grown cannabis in protective, sustainable, and collectible packaging.

The Details:

  • Narvona has three product lines to classify its flower. Narvona White is an invigorating blend, great for sparking creativity and sharpening focus. Narvona Gray is ideal for adventures with friends or a leisure moment to yourself. Narvona Black is perfect for those wanting to ease physical tensions or settle a busy mind.
  • A “state of Narvona” is only possible when attention is paid to every last detail. Narvona’s flower is double hand trimmed, and their prerolls are whole flower only. The consumer is the first person to touch the flower – providing a clean and safe product for consumption.

The Highlights:

  • Narvona has a grand vision to create a high-end weed experience. They are one of the only growers to terpene test; helping consumers make the best selection for their preferences and desired effects.
  • Best of Weedmaps Michigan Brand Winner – 2022.



Arizona-based lilHempco was founded by decorated firefighter and EMT Jonathan Carpenter. After working with patients under the medical marijuana program, Jon focused his efforts on CBD and hemp-derived products in 2020.  lilHempco strives to provide the highest standard of hemp products at reasonable prices.

The Details:

  • lilHempco uses greenhouse light dep flower, which promotes a higher cannabinoid concentration and terpene value.
  • In addition to CBD flower and pre-rolls, lilHempco offers THCP and HHC infused pre-rolls.
  • Other products include full spectrum CBD disposable vapes and 10:1 CBD to THC gummies.

The Highlights:

  • lilHempco works with small, organic, pesticide-free family farms based in Northern Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, and Tennessee.
  • Their experienced growers hand harvest each plant and cure it for a minimum of sixty days with love.



Justin Radulovich founded Rad Hemp Co. in 2016. This Denver company was started because Justin saw an opportunity in the wholesale hemp market for elevated customer service with high-quality products. Rad Hemp Co. is centered around staying “loyal to the soil,” striving to always deliver a stellar product, and more importantly, helping people.

The Details:

  • Rad Hemp Co. was started with the goal of providing a hemp product to consumers that they absolutely love and can afford.
  • Rad Hemp Co. provides flower and concentrates to companies and individuals across the world.

The Highlights:

  • Rad Hemp Co. offers premium, boutique-style flower, infused flower, and raw materials.

As more states legalize adult-use cannabis, consumption methods will evolve and expand but they will always celebrate the power of the flower.

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