Off-White is a clothing and accessories brand for men. In 2012, Off-White designer Virgil Abloh got the inspiration for the brand by focusing on modern culture and what people like to wear each season. As a result, Abloh created a new design style for his Off-White products every season.

It is easy to recognize an Off-White product because it contains a symbol that resembles both a cross and a barcode. This symbol is the signature stamp that you’ll find on Off-White branded products.

There are a lot of must-have Off-White products available on TheDoubleF. All of the products are manufactured from high-quality fabrics in the city of Milan. These are not cheap fabrics or knockoffs. The Milan-based manufacturing process produces high-end products where quality is more important than quantity.

The types of Off-White products you will find on the market include long coats, handbags, tuxedo shirts, jackets, necklaces, t-shirts, luggage, sweatshirts, socks, hoodies, and belts. You will surely find some type of Off-White product that interest you.

Do you want to know what the most popular Off-White products for men are right now? If so, then you better continue reading.

Below are the top 5 Off-White products for men.

1) Logo Double-Breasted Coat

The Logo Double-Breasted Coat is a luxurious men’s coat made from the finest blend of black wool materials. The front of the black coat is double-breasted with big buttons for fastening the two sides together. It will come in handy on cold winter days and nights when you want to keep warm and still look presentable. The chest area has a pocket for your handkerchief or another small personal item.

The back of the coat is the true attraction. It has a white embroidered logo of the Off-White brand name and image. You’ll also see the logo as a patch sewn to the cuff of the coat. When people see the back and cuff of the coat, they will immediately know it is an Off-White coat. This particular coat is part of their Fall/Winter collection for 2020 and 2021.

2) Black Jumbo Jitney Bag

The Black Jumbo Jitney Bag is an Off-White tote bag made of black leather material. The famous Off-White arrow logo can be seen on the front of the bag clearly. That is how people will tell if is an Off-White bag instead of another tote bag brand. The top handle is rather rigid, but it can be adjusted and detached from the bag if needed.

The tote bag is rather spacious. It contains a large primary compartment with a small pocket and back pocket. A man might want to carry this bag around as an alternative to a suitcase. Although it doesn’t lock, the bag is stylish and will surely attract attention.

3) Silver-tone Arrow Necklace


The Off-White arrow necklace features a silver-tone metal that is detailed as an arrow pendant. It is the symbol of the Off-White brand, which is renowned to everyone in the fashion industry.

Once you wear this necklace around your neck, you will be the object of everyone’s affection. The length of the necklace is between 45 and 60 centimeters. It should be long enough to fit around most people’s necks.

4) White Tuxedo Shirt

The Off-White white tuxedo shirt is made from a blend of white cotton materials. The back of the shirt features the writing “©NOW” in black print. The front of the shirt includes a bib-style panel and a button closure mechanism. The white tuxedo shirt is appropriate to wear at social events and on special occasions.

5) Black Diag Track Jacket

The Off-White Black Diag Track Jacket is made from black nylon fabric and contains a raised collar, zip closure, and a white print of the “Off-White” logo on the chest area. If you want to wear a stylish jacket in a thinner material, then you should choose the black Diag track jacket. The sleeves have the Diag print on them.

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