The Top 3 Best Work-From Home Business Opportunities for 2023, Reviewed

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Let’s face it: finding a decent work-from-home opportunity can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. While the industry has come a LONG was the the 1990’s “envelope stuffing” days, it can still feel next to impossible to discern the fruitful work-from-home opportunities versus the not-so-great work-from-home ones! Today we’ll help you uncover the best opportunities that exist right now for anyone looking to find a solid skill that you can do from the comfort of your own home that pays well too.

The online “work-from-home” business space is ripe with opportunity. It’s not going anywhere. In fact the online business space will only continue to grow over the coming years. Some analysts expect it to grow by 5 billion dollars over the next several years alone. Five billion!

And you don’t have to look far to see proof of this: companies like Amazon have literally taken over the retail and business world in a very short amount of time. Major telecom giants are no longer pouring their dollars into tv and radio, but advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. The industry has changed fast, and during that process, created many opportunities for freelancers wanting to work from home.

So, knowing this incredible growth that’s available, how do you navigate this online space where it feels like everyone is shouting that their business idea is best? Well, let’s boil that down together right now. We have complied these results based on dozens of interviews plus in-depth market analysis, and we weighed variables such as ease of starting, demand for the skill, available opportunities plus overall earning power.

The #1 top business idea and work from home opportunity that exists today: Social media ads management. Ads management has risen to the top of the “work from home” opportunities niche because of its simplicity, its minimalist ingredients for getting started, the ease of being able to find clients and for how well it pays. Ads managers run and create ads on social media platforms for companies like chiropractors, dentists, online shops and more. The opportunity is virtually endless with over hundreds of millions of businesses in the US alone.

Sarah Mae Ives, a leader in the ads management industry who has trained hundreds of students to be successful ads managers says, “most business owners find social media tricky to navigate and hard to understand. That’s where we come in: An ads manager helps companies to get the word out about their company, so they can focus on their zone of genius: helping their clients. So we’ve seen that our students can not only find clients with ease (by many times only networking a bit locally) but also provide a highly paid service that helps people.” Ads management is not boring either: the skill incorporates a blend of creativity and direct client work and is highly rewarding and easy to learn. With millions of businesses needing help, it is far easier to become a well-paid ads manager than any other skill that exists. If you’d like to learn more about what ads management entails, plus how to become a highly paid ads manager, start by watching this free mini-training here:

#2 top business idea and work from home opportunity that exists today: Sales representative (AKA closer)! Remember the whole “5 billion dollars” of expected online industry growth in the next five years? Yup! That’s where selling comes in. Many companies are looking for skilled salespeople (also known as “closers”) to help them sell their programs or products. Sales is a highly mobile skill that can be done from anywhere in the world (that has a strong wifi signal, that is). And it’s highly interactive and meaningful. Often the job involves listening and communicating with people in a way that helps move them forward in their lives. Sales and selling will only become more important in the coming years as more companies move to selling online. Cole Gordon, founder of The 7-Figure Selling Academy and successful trainer of thousands of sales reps says, “sales is one of the most rewarding and recession-proof work form home businesses that exists today.” To learn more, visit Cole’s website and free training here:

#3 top business idea and work from home opportunity that exists today: Copywriting. In a world where more and more of our everyday lives are moving online (from shopping to counselling to planning vacations), the written word has never been more important for companies looking to showcase their services and products with compelling copywriting (copywriting is simply the term for business writing). Copywriting is a highly creative and independent skillset, meaning that if you know it, you can find jobs and get paid well with relative ease, all from the comfort of your own home. Sarah Turner, who has trained thousands of successful copywriters is passionate about helping people to find their unique story and skillset so they can live a life of more abundance and independence as a successful copywriter. Learn more about becoming a copywriter by visiting Sarah’s site here and watching her free training here:

We hope this article gets you excited and motivated to search for the work from home opportunity that’s right for you. Remember: there’s so much opportunity to be had, but keep focused, it’s a busy online space where overwhelm will not serve you, which is why we’ve compiled these top opportunities for you above. Please ask your questions and send us your feedback below.

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