The Top 20 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2023: Find Inspiration and Guidance Here

As we embark on a new year, it’s always helpful to have a little guidance and inspiration from those who have found success in the world of entrepreneurship. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 entrepreneurs to follow in 2023. These business leaders have made a name for themselves in a variety of industries, from tech to fashion to food and beyond. They’ve demonstrated innovative thinking, resilience, and a dedication to their craft, and they are sure to continue making waves in the coming year.

Whether you’re just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey or you’re looking to take your business to the next level, following these successful individuals can provide valuable insights and inspiration. They share their experiences, strategies, and thought processes on social media and through various platforms, giving you the opportunity to learn from the best.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 20 entrepreneurs to follow in 2023. From well-known industry giants to rising stars, these individuals are sure to make an impact and inspire you on your own path to success.

1.    Danielle Gronich

Acne Guru

Known as The Acne Guru®, Danielle Gronich is the name behind two successful skincare companies, San Diego Acne Clinic and CLEARSTEM Skincare.

Her success story is both inspiring and thrilling. After three rounds of Accutane failed, she left the corporate consulting world and turned her focus to the derm space. She used her experience and background in cellular biology, immunology, and genetics to start her first venture in 2014, San Diego Acne Clinic. Her clinic has an impressive success rate of 98 percent and a long list of satisfied clients, including many celebrities. However, a bigger success came a few years later when she started CLEARSTEM Skincare with one of the patients she cleared.

The company has several awards to its credit and an impressive growth rate. The business mixes the three biggest branches in skincare: non-toxic, aging, and acne and has a long list of successful products, including MINDBODYSKIN, an acne vitamin that addresses the six main causes of acne and helps customers avoid resorting to toxic medications for their acne.

2.    Marco Robert

Marco Robert

Marco Robert is a successful business disrupter with about $2 billion in results to show for. He has helped and trained more than 10,000 entrepreneurs, millionaires, and CEOs and has a global reach with clients in more than 40 countries.

An inspirational speaker and a business consultant, Marco speaks in front of thousands of people, advises directors, and coaches CEOs. He helps businesses deal with the toughest of challenges and uses his 30+ years of experience to come up with unique solutions. He has been consulting businesses for over 20 years and often joins hands with small companies around the world to help them maximize their returns.

Known for his entrepreneurial spirit, Marco is a jet setter living the high-octane life. He joined the corporate world at a very young age and understands all aspects of running a business, from finance to leadership, sales, operations, and customer support. He caters to all kinds of niches and is working to grow his international presence.

His aim is to help business owners get out of sticky situations and realize their full potential.

3.    Sam Winkler

Sam Winkler

Sam Winkler is a serial entrepreneur, executive, and visionary with experience in startups, sales, strategic business growth, and executive management. He’s currently focused on Liquipel, which brings together proprietary and patented technologies, creating 360° device protection for electronics, as well as power and protection technologies for mobile devices.

The company introduced several award-winning technologies such as Watersafe and Liquid Glass, which uses nanotechnology to protect devices from accidental exposure to liquids and scratches. The technology debuted in 2012 and has won several awards, including an Edison Award and a FierceWireless Fierce 15 Award.

The company is currently top 5 largest manufacturers of mobile accessories in the country. Winkler’s vision has helped the company make it to INC’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list while also winning the Forbes Business Council Award. Its products are sold in more than 35,000 locations with plans to expand more internationally.

4.    Josh Felber

Josh Felber

Josh Felber is a highly talented entrepreneur owning over 15 companies. His entrepreneurial journey started when he was just 14 years old, founding JF ventures and has driven each of his future ventures around his personal brand. Before the age of 25, Josh had fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a millionaire and even became a best-selling author. But his accolades don’t end there.

He is an Emmy award winner, INC 5000 recipient, TV producer and personality but also a loving husband and father of three. His tenacious work ethic and genuine desire to make an impact are to blame for his immense success. Josh’s advice to every entrepreneur out there is to: “Be laser focused and relentless, drive massive action and become omnipresent.” To learn more about Josh Felber, click here.

5.    Noah Bradley

Professionalism Sophistication Commit                                                    

Professionalism, commitment, sophistication, and steadfastness are some terms that define Noah Bradley, an Italian-American entrepreneur, and realtor with expertise in luxury real estate investment, acquisition, and disposition in Orange County and Los Angeles.

He believes in providing a memorable experience to his clients and treats them as his partners offering ample information, swift communication, and flexible schedules. He wants to make the process of buying real estate easy and simple and believes in being honest with his clients and remaining available at all times.

A former competitive athlete, Noah understands the importance of working together and developing relationships. Currently associated with LA’s Top Luxury Brokerage, The Agency, Noah’s aim is to modernize the real estate experience through innovation, culture, and collaboration.

He constantly upgrades his services so he can reach a wider audience and give them the best experience. He recently introduced Professional Athlete Relocation services and expects to continue to contribute to the growth of The Agency with his work ethic, unique take on relocations, inspiring ideas, and professional approach. To learn more about Noah Bradley, click here.


6. Rupa Dash

A feminist at heart and an entrepreneur by profession, Rupa Dash is a futurist working to empower women through innovation, education, and creativity.

Known for being the first Indian-American Managing Director of the White House recognized World’s Largest Women Entrepreneurship Network, Rupa is the CEO and co-founder of World Woman Foundation, an international platform that provides capital, coaching and commerce opportunity, and Dash Global Media, an LA-based entertainment company.

She has several accolades to her credit, including the International Telecom Union Award from the United Nation, and the Women Making Difference Award from LA Business Journal in 2018. She is actively involved with a number of organizations, including UN Women, Hollywood Film Festival, Harvard Business School, and Davos Forum, and has worked with the likes of Indian PM Narendra Modi.

Rupa advocates for gender equality in TV and films and has been associated with popular names like Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. She is heavily involved with the World Woman Foundation and aims to empower more than a million girls and women by 2030. The organization enjoys a global presence and has a network of more than 300 change-makers and over 55,000 Global Mentorship Program Graduates. Recently, she launched World Woman Hour, the largest digital micro-storytelling platform in partnership with WPP and Facebook Watch with a massive reach of 42.7 million digital footprints, featured on NYSE Opening Bell Ceremony and UN Women.

A torchbearer of equality, Rupa has been appointed as the Senator of the World Business Angel Investment Forum in the US and is working on new programs to empower women and solve female issues. Planning to build a billion-dollar fund for women entrepreneurs, Rupa is focused on making this world a better place for everyone. Go here to know more about her latest projects and how she’s changing the world.

7.    Jason Wojo

7. Jason Wojo

Jason Wojo stormed the scene as a Top 5 Direct Response Advertiser and finding quick success helping more than 50 businesses scale to 7 and 8 figures. He became a top marketing guru in no time and currently works with 240+ companies in 90+ different niches and verticals. He has sold over $100 million online in online advertising and mainly focuses on startups and medium/larger businesses.

Known for using unique strategies to help businesses grow, Jason Wojo has been running his marketing agency, Wojo Media, which works with both startups and medium/large sized businesses and uses a mix of marketing techniques, including paid ads, funnel building, chatbots, lead pages, social media, sales systems, offer creation/enhancement and more. He’s currently concentrating on building his marketing business and expects it to be worth over $25 million by 2030. To learn more about Jason Wojo, click here.

8.    Jordan Stupar

Jordan Stupar

Jordan Stupar is the creator of Cashcards: Flashcards for Closers and the CEO of Stupar Enterprises –a sought-after sales training company based out of Milwaukee. Jordan founded Stupar Enterprises after selling his SAAS company to fulfill his desire of helping other sales professionals.

His relentless work ethic coupled with his unique approach helped him become a top 1% earner as a sales person. As a consequence to his success, he was able to help other professionals and teams implement his pioneered strategies, allowing him to build a multi-million dollar organization serving hundreds of other organizations across the United States as well as 42 countries across the globe. Without a single outside dollar, Jordan was able to scale Stupar Enterprises to over $2M in yearly revenue in just 18 months.

Jordan’s company helps organizations and individuals experience sustainable and drastic increases in revenue with their range of strategic plans. They offer Digital products like Stupar Sales Academy containing scaleable training solutions with built-in accountability, testing and user certification and even live virtual classes, giving his clients the opportunity to participate in live simulated sales environments. Just recently, Jordan’s company helped a window replacement company go from $2.2M/month to over $7M/month in revenue. To learn more about Jordan Stupar and Stupar Enterprises, click here.

9.    Jason Jani

Jason Jani

Jason Jani is an entrepreneur, DJ, and entertainer making events lively and memorable. He travels the world entertaining the crème de la crème and has even worked with celebs. As a sought after DJ, he performs at social events, corporate parties, and weddings worldwide and is also the owner of a startup, DJ Entertainment Company, changing how events are planned and remembered.

Known for being creative, Jason enjoys introducing new technologies and bringing unique concepts to his performances. When not at a party, he’s busy making videos for his 11.6K YouTube subscribers who enjoy his reviews, tutorials, and guides. The man is constantly pushing the bar and disrupting the DJ space with his creativity and quirkiness.

He’s currently focusing on his company and has a team of 12 full-time event hosts who get together to create immersive entertainment experiences. He believes in creating a personalized experience and leaving clients inspired. Go here to see some of Jason’s best work and know more about his entrepreneurial journey.

10. Austin Silver

Austin Silver

Austin Silver is a highly respected trader and owner of ASFX, a company fixated on educating traders across the globe. Austin began his journey as a trader in 2015 and even spent time working on Wall St. from 2018 to 2019. It was at this time where he wanted to share his expertise and educate traders from a systematic and rules point of view. ASFX was born.

Unlike other traders in the space, Austin sees no value in flaunting his wealth on social media, and consequently only posts content of value across his platforms; from his wins, lessons and even his losses. Through integrity and a genuine desire to make an impact in an industry littered with scams, Austin has been able to garner the trust and become a reputable figure in the space.

The company has recently launched their program ASFX TV, often regarded as the “netflix for traders”, a streaming platform where traders from across the globe can tune in to watch Austin’s team of professionals trade live. To learn more about Austin Silver and ASFX, click here.

11. Sam Partland

Sam Partland

Sam Partland is an enterprise and programmatic SEO consultant with over 15 years of industry experience. He helps businesses dethrone competition and reach the first page of Google, a feat that helps brands reach more people, appear more authentic and win more clients.

Sam works with large-scale businesses and caters to clients from around the world. He focuses on tried and tested approaches and plans according to the ever-changing needs of his clients. Sam’s aim is to help as many businesses as he can and enjoys working on projects that are challenging and exciting. He has helped businesses earn 7+ figures and understands all about SEO, including the changing algorithm and long-term solutions.

Sam doesn’t promise quick results but he guarantees success. He’s a one-man team with plans to expand in the future and offer additional services. Learn more about Sam’s programmatic SEO services here.

12. Joseph Trujillo

Joseph Trujillo

Joseph Trujillo is a team leader, speaker, realtor, entrepreneur, and coach with a passion for serving clients. An industry leader, he has over 20 years of experience and several accolades to his credit, including eXp Icon Agent award. He’s listed among the top 1% realtors in the United States and even made it to the finale of Success 125.

When not helping clients buy or sell property, he works with agents and offers a helping hand to those in need. He aims to make real estate an easier industry to work in and has started Dreamchasers, a real estate agents service with more than 800 agents. Joseph launched seven new offices in the last two years and has plans to continue to grow the brand. He wishes to take the company global and reach over 10,000 agents in the next five years.

Known for being professional and easy to work with, Joseph believes in changing with time and uses the latest technology to grow and serve more clients. He even hosts a real estate show and was named Host of American Dream Television in 2022. In addition, he’s working with eXp Realty, the fastest growing real estate company in the US.

Go here to know more about Joseph and his growing business.

13. Sean Solano

Sean Solano

Sean Solano makes money and wants to help you make some too. The 21-year-old coach and options trader entered the world of trading at just 15 with only $1,500 and now manages millions. When not sitting in front of a screen looking at stocks, he offers coaching services through Simply Options Academy, an elearning platform that targets traders.

Sean offers a variety of programs, including one-on-one lessons, live trading sessions, Q&As, and more. He focuses on the strategies that have helped him become a successful trader while changing with the changing times. He has plans to disrupt the trading industry and introduce new tools and strategies. Sean’s team is working on a brand new  software to identify trends and identify the best time to buy and sell.

Known for explaining complex concepts in simple words, Sean even offers free YouTube content. His company generates about a million a year and he aims to double the amount in the next few years while helping more and more people.

Click here if you are interested in making money trading online and to know more about Sean’s company.

14. Fritz Horstman

Fritz Horstman

Fritz Horstman needs no introduction. A vegan bodybuilder, influencer, coach, and entrepreneur, he’s known for helping vegans discover and fulfill their potential. After being a ‘skinny guy’, he decided to turn to fitness and followed the ‘formula’. However, he didn’t enjoy abusing animals and noticed the side effects of consuming meat. This made him turn vegan, but the transition wasn’t easy and he had to seek the help of a coach to settle into his new life.

After experiencing the benefits of turning vegan, he decided to help others and found Gamechanger Academy. The institute helps struggling vegans stay motivated, lose fat, and find the right diet. His aim is to push the vegan movement and make it more fun. He helps people be healthy and in good shape without harming animals in the process. Fritz has helped over 1,000 people and aims to reach more than 100,000 vegans by 2025.

Gamechanger Academy offers users direct access to personal coaches, training, and nutrition via an easy-to-use mobile app. There is also a community of vegans where people can connect with each other and discuss their goals. Anyone struggling to turn vegan or looking for support can go here to know more about Fritz Horstman and Gamechanger Academy. 

15. Leonard Person Jr

Leonard Parson Jr

Leonard wears several hats – he’s a direct lender, whale investor, mortgage broker, licensed general developer and contractor, and a serial entrepreneur with more than 18 years of real estate financing experience and several businesses under his name.

He started MyHouseGram in 2004 and has helped thousands of people improve their financial health and be a success. The idea behind the company is to make it easier for businesses and individuals to find and seize opportunities. MyHouseGram offers a line of credit of up to $200k without any financial documents. Other services include credit restoration, consultations, and hard money mortgages.

Leonard specifically caters to people going through a tough time and aims to make MyHouseGram the one-stop solution to all financial problems, including poor credit scores and a lack of funds.

The company has expanded exponentially in the last few years and Leonard now aims to expand nationally and open more companies after the huge success of sister companies such as You’re Still Home Away From Home LLC and Cheapstreak LLC.

Click here to know more about Leonard and what he offers. You can even apply for a line of credit online.

16. Christian Name

Christian Name

Christian Name specializes in developments and redevelopments and has garnered over $100m in sales in his terrific real estate career. He helps clients quickly find interesting and unique properties and close profitable deals. The real estate agent has years of industry experience with a focus on matching clients in New York, Miami, and other top cities.

Currently associated with The Agency in Beverly Hills, Christian uses a communication-first and individualized approach and has handled all kinds of properties, including updates to single-bedroom condos to ground-up development of expansive estates.

Christian believes in forming a connection with his clients and understanding their requirements. He impresses clients with his professional approach, extensive knowledge, and expertise in green design movements.

When not at work, he can be seen riding his bike, making new memories racing cars, sailing, and operating his flight school. Moreover, Christian takes great interest in environmental, people, and animal conservation and is associated with a number of causes.

17. Cody Barbo

Cody Barbo

Cody Barbo is an entrepreneur disrupting the trust and estate planning industry. He founded the Trust & Will agency, an estate planning software startup, in 2017 with the aim to make real estate management easier and more affordable. The business successfully raised more than $33 million in capital through the Techstars accelerator and has working relationships with a number of well-known organizations, including UBS, Fifth Third Bank, AARP, NorthwesternMutual, Carta, Acorns, and many more.

A pioneer in the field, Barbo believes in using technology to make processes easier and was instrumental in completing the first digital will in history. His company has helped more than 400K Americans prepare and manage estate plans. Barbo aims to reach more people and help protect their legacy.

Barbo has plans to take the company public in the next few years. Follow his journey and know more about Barbo by clicking this link.

18. Dr. Aumatma

Aumatma Doctor

Dr. Aumatma helps couples create happy families and bring healthy babies into this world. A double board-certified Naturopathic Doctor & Endocrinologist, she has been working in this industry for over 15 years and has appeared on popular names such as ABC, CBS, and FOX.

A fertility specialist, she is also a published author best known for writing the hugely popular “Fertility Secrets: What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Baby-Making.” When not working with clients, she trains doctors in fertility and manages her business, Holistic Fertility Institute.

The institute focuses on a unique model and takes a holistic approach to fertility. It’s one of the few clinics in the US that uses a hyper-personalized approach. Her incredible work in the field has earned her several accolades, including the “Best Naturopathic Medicine Doctor” award and a place in the Berkeley Hall of Fame.

Dr. Aumatma is now focused on helping doctors improve their skills and help more people. She’s launching a new training method and has plans to reach a global audience. Go here to know more about Dr. Aumatma’s future plans and accomplishments.

19. Koereyelle Mallard

19. Koereyelle Mallard

Koereyelle Mallard’s story is inspirational and thrilling. After surviving on a meager salary of $32,000 as a school teacher, she decided to change her life and started The Media Koe, now a million dollar digital brand.

An internationally acclaimed speaker, author, entrepreneur, host, and multimedia personality, Koereyelle has been empowering women since 2013. The Media Koe encourages women to utilize their full potential and provides opportunities in the field of multimedia. She offers media mentorships and works with women who are passionate about what they do and have something to share with the world.

She recently presented her first TEDx Talk and has several accolades to her credit, including the Speaker of the Year Award at SpeakerCon. She wants women to realize that nothing can stop them from finding success and has authored the bestseller Amazon Best Seller Nobody is Coming to Save You that talks about being your own hero.

When not directly serving clients, Koereyelle gets on the hot seat and hosts the ‘Girl Stop Playin’ podcast that’s designed to encourage women to not waste time and work to achieve success in life. Listened around the world, her show made Apple Podcasts Top 50 Chart in the US with more than 500,000 downloads in the first 10 months of launch.

Go here to know more about Koereyelle Mallard, including the opportunities she offers.

20. Danny Cortenraede

20. Danny Cortenraede

Called ‘One of the Top Innovators in North America in 2022’ by Sportstech X, Danny Cortenraede is an investor and serial entrepreneur with an impeccable success record. He has founded five startups with three of them grossing multi-millions. Danny understands the intricacies of starting and managing a business and sits on the judge’s panel on Unicorn Hunters, a reality streaming series, where he stars alongside popular names like Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, former advisor Joe Biden, Moe Vela, and 43rd Treasurer of the United States, Rosie Rios.

Danny presently heads several companies, including Venturerock – The Valley, a venture building and venture investment platform – backed by a 75 million global fund investment firm that he co-founded. He is also the Founder and CEO of LA-based company InStudio Ventures which combines private capital and start-up expansion expertise to scale, cultivate, and conceive next-generation tech, sport, and media companies.

Danny has been featured in a number of global magazines such as Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, and Forbes and has helped several other companies find success, including Wannahaves, which works with top names like Adidas and Nike and is affiliated with sister company 433, best known for being the world’s largest content creator in sports with more than 5 billion million monthly views and over 60 million followers on the social media.

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