Did you catch our Best Of issue and snag our free Best Of app? Even if you did, we're betting you didn't make it through all of our write-ups; there are about a billion. So in the coming weeks we'll walk you through some of our favorites. We'll start with a subject very close to our hearts — karaoke bars!

There's karaoke in L.A. for everyone. As Dennis Romero says, there's VIP room karaoke and even porn star karaoke at Sardo's in Burbank every Tuesday. And there's, well, American Idol. But though the choices may seem endless, never fear. We sifted through all of the wannabes for you, and picked out the three best karaoke bars in L.A.

Credit: Lawrence K. Ho

Credit: Lawrence K. Ho

Rosen Music Studio

LA Weekly's pick for Best Place to Practice Karaoke Privately

Walking in can feel like entering the tunnel in the Wonka factory. You'll be hit with a din of off-key Korean melodies and tambourines. But once you get into your own booth, you're free to expand your karaoke repertoire with total abandon. No waiting your turn. Just go for it. The TV screens can be a little distracting. Ballads tend to feature a lot of images of Korean people pining and weeping. Minor complaint. –Gene Maddus

Karaoke Bleu

LA Weekly's pick for Best Westside Karaoke Bar Where Nobody Knows Your Name

This is the kind of bar you just have to know. There's no website. It can throw off the newcomers with its karaoke-nazi rules, parking limitations and, well, attitude. If they don't know you, there's going to be some hazing. If you put in some time, you'll find a place that's rare in L.A.: affordable (with “bottle-keep” service and $1 contemporary songs), warm and, well, real. –Dennis Romero

Jewel's Catch One's Ground Control

LA Weekly's pick for Best Karaoke Night

Everyone's rooting for you, and if you screw up the words or can't carry a tune, often you'll get some good-natured help from the crowd. But what really makes Jewel's Catch One's Ground Control special is the unique and alterna-heavy playlist: Try finding selections from Groucho Marx, Frank Zappa, My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult or Sham 69 in Koreatown. –L.J. Williamson

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