The Technology Behind the Most Innovative Vaporizers

Dr. Dabber develops the coolest and most innovative vaporizers in the world. Their unique products are designing the future of heating vaporizers, and they are one of the only limited vaporizers that exist in the current market.

Their induction heating technology transforms the typical oil rig to a flower vaporizer in the matter of seconds, and these products work faster than any of the convection or conduction vaporizers that exist today. Their goal is to create portable vaporizers that are convenient and reliable, while remaining potent and effective.

Dr. Dabber started this journey inside a Florida garage in 2013, and in just 18 months they relocated to their Vegas headquarters. Their modern approach can be seen throughout all their products, and since the legalization of Marijuana statewide in Nevada in 2017, the company has earned over 12 awards in the best product, best vaporizer and best glass categories featured in The Cannabis Cup.

Their products revolutionized the vaporizer industry, and one of their top products is the Dr Dabber SWITCH. Their technology allows the device to heat to any temperature from 300°F to 800+°F in under four seconds. The setup also allows the separation of the electronics and the heating element, which avoids leakage and mechanical failure. This is an expert example of fast, precise, and efficient induction heating that can be used for oils or flower.

The SWITCH can be used as both a desktop and a portable vaporizer, and provides over 150 uses after a single charge. The product design includes an incredibly fast heating speed and extended battery life. This makes dabbing practical for users, since it only takes around 60 minutes to completely charge the device; customers can use the product for over a week without having to recharge.

Dr. Dabber coined the term “e-rigs” (electronic dabbing rigs) which set the new norm for dabbers everywhere. They recruited some of the most talented engineers and designers from their industry to work in-house, so they have complete jurisdiction over every part of the design process.

Another trending product is the Boost EVO, ​​which includes a control sensor built inside. This uses the same patent-pending technology plus a custom quartz dish, interchangeable glass, and eye-catching RGB ambient lighting. This device has an eleven second heat up time and includes six different temperature settings.

Part of the SWITCH design features a whopping 25 separate heat settings to handle a variety of situations. If a customer wants an emphasis on flavor, vapor density, or cloudiness, these various settings provide that option. The level of quality is reliable and tested by real people who understand what customers are looking for. Their products are a testament to the premium use of cutting-edge induction technology.

Dr. Dabber also prides themselves on educating customers about what they need. They have a long list of products and accessories that make dabbing just that easier, and  their team works with customers to understand their specific needs and guide them through the process. The advances in technology are opening doors in the vaporizing industry, and Dr. Dabber stays a cut above the rest by providing ingenious solutions.

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