The Team Behind NFT Project Alpacadabraz Shares Their Huge Metaverse Plans

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are blockchain-based digital goods that are entirely unique. They have a lot of characteristics in common with real-world objects. Consider actual things such as limited-edition sneakers or Supreme’s limited-edition clothes drops. A unique identifier distinguishes these digital products from each other.

Digital collectibles like CryptoPunks, CryptoKitties, and Topps GPK are the first practical use cases for NFTs. This is a space that has seen a lot of activity in 2020. Users can win NFTs regularly because they are frequently utilized as “sign-up bait” in marketing initiatives. Additionally, consumers can buy NFTs in various collections, such as the Alpacadabraz.

Alpacadabraz is an NFT project that began with its genesis collection in October 2021, at a minting price of 0.069 ETH. The collection is based around pixelated alpacas created by the professional pixel artist Chuckchee.

Since the project’s inception, the Alpacadabraz community has developed significantly, with a strong belief in the team behind it. The development and management team continues to provide for their holders through community events, 3D Alpacadabraz airdrops, giveaways, and forthcoming Sandbox integration debuts. Over 155,000 Twitter followers and approximately 100,000 discord members have joined the group in a short period.

A one-of-a-kind collection, the Alpacadabraz Genesis (2D) collection was the first-ever full whitelist mint. It was an innovatively created collection with the smart contract that many other projects are now using. The contract was created from scratch, using a Merkle Tree to enable such large whitelists without being super expensive in gas.

Today, the Alpacadabraz team takes pride in having one of the most significant metaverse development communities. Their focus has also turned to developing the upcoming Sandbox game. It’s an exciting project that will see new additions to the community, including eSports, play-to-earn games, and socializing as main utilities. They already have six games in development, including a racing, RPG, and a climbing game. Most of these games will be competitive, where the user can win prizes.

The Alpacadabraz team has also faced many challenges along the way. Ideally, they are a group of passionate NFT collectors with talented artists. However, they are not a marketing firm. Their major challenge has been to keep delivering fun content for the community to watch and to engage them with each other while we are developing in the background a massive Sandbox land. Also, managing a large team during their peak 3D minting has also been a challenge. They were forced to reduce it to 40 for efficiency and effectiveness.

“Managing an international community was also another challenge for us. The Founders are from the Netherlands, and one day, overnight, we started to go viral in Asia. Thousands of people from the continent joined our Discord channel, we were not prepared. We needed to quickly hire Chinese moderators and scale up our Asian content as quickly as possible,” explains the Alpacadabraz team.

Alpacadabraz aims to be a “blue chip” project and a household NFT name in the coming years. They aim to continue giving back to their community and providing future utility constantly. The Alpacadabraz team wants to show the world that quality NFT projects are here to stay and will win it from the endless cash grabs and pump and dumps.

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