Chill Out This Summer With 5 CBD Product Picks

Whether you’re having an active summer outside or are just looking to relax, CBD is a must for incorporating wellness into your everyday routine and is a simple way to ensure your best summer yet. From aiding in stress relief to reducing pain, CBD has a variety of potential benefits that can up the ante of your summertime fun.

When choosing the best CBD products, it’s important to know where your CBD is coming from and what it contains. Let’s see how adding the right CBD to your routine could optimize the warm months ahead and check out a few easy ways to take your CBD all summer long.

Go Organic 

Malibu-based premium CBD brand, Green Gorilla, has established itself as the leader in the farm-to-shelf hemp and CBD industry with its own 1,474 acre farm in Arizona and a suite of over 31 true farm-to-shelf USDA certified organic products – the most of any CBD brand on the market. Gorilla FarmCo owns and operates 1,474 acres of farmland and has successfully achieved USDA organic certification for its farm through third-party lab testing and CO2 extraction methods to ensure the health and safety of all Green Gorilla products.

Our Top 5 Summer CBD Must-Haves

1. Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

After a long day being out in the summer sun, kick off your shoes and unwind with Green Gorilla’s Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Oil. Made with naturally-occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, this THC-free oil is designed to help support a sense of calm and help you recover from strenuous activities.

2. CBD Body Lotion

Recover, restore and relax. This silky, restorative CBD body lotion is a nourishing blend of natural botanicals to hydrate, soothe, and revitalize your skin. CBD oil, grape cell extract, and powerful antioxidants support natural skin repair to minimize sun-damage, soothe skin irritation, and deeply moisturize for all over well-balanced, luminous skin.

3. CBD Face Crème

With the summer sun comes intensified UV rays and increased dehydration, so it’s important to pack on the moisture. This nourishing CBD face crème is a rich blend of natural botanicals and beneficial ingredients to stimulate collagen production, reduce redness and minimize signs of aging. The cell-renewing, lightweight crème is infused with grape stem cell extracts and resveratrol to protect and provide essential nutrients to visibly firm skin, improve skin texture, tone, and repair skin cells for healthy, younger-looking skin.

4. CBD Gorilla Gummies

Self-care in gummy form. Boost your physical and mental wellbeing with the vegan 600mg Gorilla Gummies from Green Gorilla. Each gummy contains broad spectrum CBD to better support everyday recovery, mood, focus and overall well being. With 10mg of CBD in each gummy, the gorilla-shaped gummies are ideal for daily use, with Wild Berry, Strawberry and Gorilla Berry flavors. These are a convenient and tasty way to supplement with CBD when you’re on the go, need a quick break, or are looking to feel more relaxed and focused. They’re also perfect for your beach bag!

5. Botanical CBD Balm

If you’re staying active this summer with a good workout, Green Gorilla’s Botanical CBD Balm is great for alleviating muscular aches, stiffness and tension. Perfect after a long day, this balm moisturizes and cleanses skin for intense nourishment using certified organic oils and 1200mg of 0% THC broad spectrum CBD oil. Backed by the natural properties of eucalyptus, turmeric and lavender oil, this balm instantly soothes to calm the body and mind.

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