The Sneaky Cause of Stress and Fatigue That We Don’t Talk About Enough

If you’ve been feeling stressed, you’re not alone. The American Psychological Association declared a national mental health crisis following their extensive survey from the end of 2020. Two out of three adults reported increased levels of stress in the past year.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an obvious source of stress for everyone. But the truth is, many of us were already feeling high levels of stress and fatigue—the pandemic just pushed us to our edges. Many known causes of stress and fatigue, like work, health, relationships, finances, and global issues are challenging because we don’t often have full control over the outside influences at play.

Thankfully there are countless tools to reduce stress and fatigue. But sometimes, even when we get plenty of sleep, move our bodies, eat well, practice mindfulness, and speak openly with loved ones and mental health professionals, the stress and fatigue remain. Even when we’re doing all the things, it still sometimes doesn’t feel like enough. The frustration that naturally follows ineffective efforts towards homeostasis can leave us feeling even more tired and disempowered.

But the truth is, there’s a hidden factor that is limiting the impact of the positive things you do for yourself while also adding more stress and fatigue for you to sort through. It’s invisible and everywhere: EMFs.

What are EMFs?

EMFs, short for electromagnetic fields, are often associated with modern electronics but they actually predate technology by many millennia. Our bodies and the Earth itself both emanate electromagnetic fields of their own. In our super-connected society today, we are bathing in EMF levels that are billions of times higher than before the invention of electricity. Technological innovations have added great value to our lives but one of the big downsides is that these man-made EMFs are interfering with our biological rhythms and cells. High or chronic exposure to these EMFs can lead to poor sleep, brain fog, headaches, irritability, restlessness, and nausea in addition to an overall increase in stress and fatigue.

“The advent increase in technology has provided countless benefits from the individual to the global scale,” says naturopathic medicine expert, Dr. Christian Gonzalez. “With that, there’s a trade-off of which we cannot yet fully anticipate. What we do know is that EMFs are considered oxidants to the body. Oxidants have negative effects on the body from inflammation to DNA damage. When considering that we are inundated with EMFs on a daily basis, we must consider the role that these invisible oxidants play in depleting our health. It then stands to believe that it is our responsibility, at the moment, to take the proper precautions to protect ourselves as much as we can.”

The main sources of harmful EMFs in our daily lives comes from cell phones, bluetooth devices, wifi routers, cell towers, microwaves, and other various appliances. We’re practically walking through an EMF soup within our own homes and when we are out and about in the world. The bad news is that the presence of EMFs is increasing as 5G towers rise up across the country and electric cars, which emit significant levels of EMF radiation, become more popular. Like many other causes of stress, we can’t fully control the outside circumstances that contribute to our exposure to these disruptive EMFs. But we need to talk about what impact we can have.

Two Approaches to EMF Protection

  1. Distance Yourself From Sources of Radiation

One of the most accessible ways to limit EMF exposure is to turn your cell phone off or put it into airplane mode when you’re sleeping, while it’s close to your body in your pocket, or when you’re not using it. Another way is to simply get outdoors and ground yourself by touching your bare feet to the ground. It only takes a few moments to completely ground your body from the unwanted charge. Lastly, you can conduct an audit of the devices in your home. Perhaps you’ll decide to let go of the microwave and stick to the stove. You might choose to turn off wifi routers and bluetooth devices when they’re not in use, switch from bluetooth headphones back to wired ones, or clean out any gadgets that don’t regularly contribute to your sense of ease and wellbeing.

It’s not realistic to totally eliminate wifi and cell phones though as they have become integral parts of how many folks make a living. Beyond income, these technologies also contribute great value to our lives by connecting us to people, ideas, and creations we love. Luckily, there’s another way to minimize the stress and fatigue caused by EMFs that still allows us to peacefully coexist with our technology.

  1. Mitigate the effects of EMFs with Frequency Therapy

Frequency Therapy utilizes sound, light, crystals, and minerals to rejuvenate the body on a cellular level and bring peace to the mind. While frequency therapy might sound like something of the future (which it is), its roots are ancient. Yogis have been chanting “Om” for more than 5,000 years to reach a state of calm alertness. Aboriginal Australians have utilized the powerful yet soothing vibrations of the didgeridoo for more than 40,000 years to heal on both physical and spiritual levels.

The potency of these ancient practices is being revived and recognized by biohackers and researchers alike who are diving into experimentation with frequency therapies. While frequency devices are already utilized in every hospital (think ultrasound technology, MRI machines, infrared lights, and radiofrequency therapies), the next wave of tech is going further. Frequency therapy is being utilized to not just heal illness but to actually cultivate wellbeing.

Somavedic is one company taking the lead with their surprisingly stylish frequency therapy devices. Somavedic is a vibrational technology that reliably mitigates the unwanted influences of EMF radiation while also harmonizing the effects of geopathic stress, Curry and Hartmann lines, and free radicals in the surrounding space. Sounds great, but how does it work?

An intentional and thoroughly researched blend of precious and semiprecious stones in the heart of the Somavedic are encapsulated by a glass housing unit, which is blown in a world-renowned glass factory in the aptly named Crystal Valley of Czech Republic. The curation of these materials, together with their proprietary frequency technology, is designed to create a coherent field which mitigates the effects of EMFs and other potentially harmful wavelengths in your living spaces. A Somavedic unit can be placed anywhere in your home, in your office space, your car, or wherever else is requiring a boost in harmony. Don’t worry, your technology will still work just fine. Somavedic doesn’t block the EMFs—rather, it’s creating a field where your body and its cells will no longer have a negative reaction. The company offers different EMF protection models with varying reaches and effects.

Somavedic users report a wide variety of gentle yet powerful shifts since incorporating the frequency therapy device in their spaces: unprecedented levels of energy, deeper sleep, clearer thinking, a cleansing effect, and an overall sense of peaceful relaxation. “In my 31 years of life, this might be one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received,” said Olympic athlete Aline Reis of the Somavedic Medic Green Ultra. “I’ve had it for 3 days only and already started to physically feel the benefits of this pioneering, much needed device.” Reis reported an overall increase in well-being, a sense of lightness, and the best sleep of her life. Her experience and those of other Somavedic users are reflected by a multitude of studies on Somavedic devices.

There are plenty of other modalities of frequency therapy you can utilize. Sound healing has a harmonizing effect and could look like chanting mantras such as “Om”, playing singing bowls, or listening to binaural beats. You can also place specific crystals, like shungite or smokey quartz, near EMF hotspots around your house.

Have compassion for yourself in life’s stressful and tiring moments. You are doing the best you can in this sometimes-chaotic world. But now, armed with this knowledge about EMFs, you have the opportunity to make simple, fun, and pleasurable shifts to lower your stress and fatigue and increase your overall health and feelings of inner-peace. What would you be capable of if you felt lighter in your body and mind?

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