The La’s

The La’s (Polydor/Go!/London)

The Singles get the La’s: Vince Frederick of garage-power-pop band the Singles told us about his love for a Brit-pop classic.

The Las Album Cover


Vince Frederick: It was 1993. I had a major British Invasion obsession. I just watched So I Married An Axe Murderer and heard the song “There She Goes” five million times in the movie. So undoubtedly, I immediately headed to the record shop that had imports to purchase The La’s 1990, one and only, self-titled album on compact disc. I remember when I found it in the racks, the album cover, with it’s glaring eyeball, hit me as a bit lackluster. But, on the strength of that one song, I spent the dough, and put the disc on as soon as I got home.

I was shocked and disappointed! None of the tunes were remotely in the ballpark of “There She Goes”. That ended up being a good thing, and one of the reasons I chose this album instead of the The Beatles’ entire run. For me, it was a lesson in how the ears evolve over time. And, after repeated listens (I’m not sure how many it took) something unlocked. The La’s remained stuck in my cd player for months, and became one of my all time favorite albums.

It is rootsy and cosmically rockin’. The songs have a bit more depth than you would expect. The more you listen, the more musical intricacies reveal themselves. Check out “Timeless Melody” and “Looking Glass”. The latter is the last song on The La’s, and as it comes to a climactic end, every song from the album manages to find its way into the last minute, in little snippets. It is reminiscent of the big medley on Side 2 of Abbey Road. Coincidentally, The La’s are from Liverpool too.

The Singles get the La’s: The Singles’ new single “Incantations,” and the preceding “Same Old Thing” are out now.
















































































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