The Serious Concerns that CEOs Have About How Fast Workplaces Are Changing

Being the head of a company isn’t easy. More often than not, you’re dealing with uncharted territory. Without any kind of playbook for how to react to new events, CEOs have a lot riding on the decisions they make. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid shifts toward remote work, CEOs and other high-level management have had little time to adapt to how their companies operate.

While this same problem applies to all kinds of developments, the rapid onset of remote work has been different. Companies need to quickly find reliable systems and toolsets that work for them.

One company that’s providing concrete solutions in this area is Premier Virtual. With virtual hiring events and other recruitment and onboarding tools, their platform makes it possible for companies to implement effective remote hiring. CEO and co-founder Steven Edwards has been developing remote events for some time in reaction to advancing technology, and the huge increase in work-from-home arrangements has only made the utility of these events much clearer.

Finding the Right People

Of course, the success of any business comes down primarily to the team that’s working there. You need qualified, committed, and effective employees to ensure that everything is running right. Being able to find these people through remote hiring is key.

The hiring process has always been something challenging to implement. That’s even more true if you’re not meeting the candidates in person. However, with the right tools, companies can do an even better job of finding the right people than they did before. With more communication options come more ways to get the information you need from candidates.

Dealing With New Technology

As it started to become clear that working from home was increasing and is likely to be here for good, companies began seriously investigating what tools they need to make it work. This goes far beyond simple video conference software and into file sharing, management, security, and many other essential factors.

Leveraging this new technology properly is critical for companies to remain competitive. Using the right platform for hiring is one example. If your competitors are doing a better job hiring, they’ll be getting better employees and will continuously edge out the competition.

Taking Advantage of Exposure to More Candidates

Remote work has opened up an environment where candidates no longer have to be within a certain area. This means that companies can reach a much broader pool of potential candidates, increasing their chances of finding the right person for each role.

Companies that aren’t doing this are at a serious disadvantage. Many employers are essentially accepting applicants from anywhere in the country, with the only real consideration being time zones in some cases. By taking advantage of these new possibilities, companies are doing everything they can to set themselves up for success.

Implementing Virtual Hiring Events for Your Company

The big takeaway that CEOs have to take home about their concerns is that the best way to react is to use the best tools available. You don’t need to determine what the best solution for the changing workplace landscape is when someone else has already found it and can provide your company with the tools you need.

Virtual hiring events with Premier Virtual make finding the best talent for specific roles easy and straightforward. You’ll reach more candidates and can easily communicate with them through the integrated platform. No matter what your unique remote hiring challenges are, Premier Virtual has the platform that your company needs to succeed.

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