The Secret to Success: Fitness Icon Jay Piggin discusses migrating his success from the Fitness Industry into the World of Finance

Australian fitness icon Jay Piggin is slowly but surely starting to build a reputation as one of the country’s best foreign exchange traders. The 31-year-old entrepreneur is personally responsible for helping individuals all around the globe get in the best shape of their life through his online fitness programs.

As a leading figure in the fitness industry for the past 8 years, Piggin has successful build an amazing following over nearly 2 million follows on social media, he has coached over 60,000 clients from over 80 countries around the world. Piggin is known for delivering on his guarantees and helping people change their lives.

It was midway through 2018 that Piggin deviated his attention to the foreign exchange market. It is an area that many people admire, but very few have great success with, involving the conversion of one currency to another. It is one of the most traded markets in the world, and actively generates around $5 trillion USD every single day. It is no wonder it caught the attention of Piggin.

It would not be Piggin’s first venture outside of his online fitness empire, as he currently runs two other successful companies, employing a team of 12 that help drive his success. He is the founder of clothing brand, ‘Elite Status’ and also works with high-performance individual who are seeking advice on growing their business online.

However, it is the foreign exchange market that has been Piggin’s dominant focus for some time now. Within the last 12 months he has established himself as a successful professional trader, setting up his own proprietary trading firm, ‘Blackbury Capital’ which currently operates out of Queensland, Australia.

When asked, Piggin credits his success and growing reputation in the finance world due to his trading style, one that he considers to be truly unique. Piggin’s style of trading combines trusting one’s true instinct with a solid grasp of how the financial markets move. It is this style Piggin has trademarked to his name, calling it QIT – Quantum Instinctive Trading. It is a process he has learnt and taught himself and it is making huge noise in the world of finance.

It is hard to not be excited by the prospect of what Piggin is hoping to achieve, his intense passion for success has translated from his fitness empire into the foreign exchange market. He is one to watch as he continues to turn heads in regards to Forex trading in Queensland, Ausralia.

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