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Every career is a rollercoaster with lows and highs that follow one another and make for a thrilling ride. Somewhere during that ride, there’s money awaiting, sometimes even fame, and with some luck, knowledge, and wisdom about the business.

Katiana Kay, an online model that’s gaining prominence by the day on several platforms, has had plenty of time to experience both sides in her short career. She’s had great success, and she’s made her share of mistakes. She also managed to learn a thing or two from her experiences.

Doing the Wrong Things, the Right Way

What are the mistakes an online model can make? While the cynics might say that striking a bad pose while taking a photo or not looking one’s best for a shoot is as bad as it gets for online models, the reality is much more nuanced.

Often enough, online models must take care of their promotion and marketing. Even if they have someone to do the grunt work for them, they can still call the shots, which means they handle investing in their promotion.

So far in Katiana’s career, she’d say that bad advertisements have been the most significant mistakes she’s made. However, she’s still happy she made them as she sees trying and failing as integral to learning. At the very least, it didn’t put her off from spending money on promotion, something she even advises new models to do.

Going to the Viral Heights

The highpoint of Katiana’s career so far came when she was still a novice on TikTok. She made a video that went viral within half an hour, which increased the number of her TikTok followers elevenfold. It also spread to other networks, where it increased Katiana’s followers’ numbers.

By the time all was said and done, Katiana had 200,000 new followers on TikTok, a network she joined just weeks, if not days, earlier. On Instagram, her main social network and not the network where the viral video was initially posted, her number of followers grew by 70,000. Even her OnlyFans profile got 1,000 new subscribers.

This experience taught her another important thing about content creation: the only way to work around the importance of marketing is to create content that will go viral. To create content that goes viral, there also has to be a trial and error process.

When It’s Business as Usual

When not experiencing a high or a low point in her career, even though the latter doesn’t exist for her still, Katiana’s a regular online model who’s doing her best to make her dreams come true. She puts in the hours to create all the content she releases on several platforms. She tries to take good care of herself. She tackles any problems she comes across.

Most importantly, however, Katiana never fails to remember that she has a goal that’s guiding her through all of this. Her desire to grow as an entrepreneur has seen her enter the market of natural medicine and cosmetics.

Scaling Your Own Company

A recent step Katiana has taken for her brand is starting her own line of smokable hemp products, called Bay Smokes, which offers things like vape cartridges and hemp flowers. As someone who smoked weed when she was younger, Katiana didn’t like the negative effects it offered, like paranoia and anxiety, so she’s found a product that provides a more mellow experience.

The industry has been highly competitive, but the uniqueness of the brand has set Katiana apart from competition. She’s focused on ensuring top-tier quality, relaxing highs, and a better alternative for weed and tobacco smokers, rather than trying to sell as much product as she can.


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