The Rise of Twist & Schirm: The Story of a Marketing Powerhouse

2023 01 17 11.55.02

Lukas Schirmer is a successful entrepreneur and investor in the e-commerce and digital marketing industry. At 26, Lukas has amassed indispensable years of work experience in the digital marketing field. He is the founder of Twist & Schirm, an e-commerce agency that holds a yearly 8-figure advertising budget and is also helping hundreds of brands generate over eight figures in revenue. Twist & Schirm has worked with hundreds of clients over the years, including massive S&P Global 1200 companies.

Lukas is also an established angel investor who wants to create synergies between the companies he invests in. He has a portfolio covering all aspects, including the supply chain of e-commerce. Some of the companies he has invested in include GoTiger, Wonnda, Yamuntu, and The Plant Box.

Lukas holds a theoretical mathematics degree from the biggest university in Germany. He is a numbers person known for his remarkable analytical mind that perfectly complements his creativity in the digital marketing field.

Over the years, Lukas has created an authentic strategy by combining analytics and creativity to scale his career. He has also assembled an experienced team of ex-Google Ads and Meta Ads people who help him deliver for each client. Twist & Schirm is primarily invested in doing ads for e-commerce companies across Germany. As a result, he and the entire Twist & Schirm team have been awarded the top agency for client satisfaction.

Unbeknown to some, Lukas also worked as a professional photographer before establishing Twist & Schirm. In parallel to his creative pursuits, he transitioned into digital marketing in 2012, with Instagram being his platform of choice. Lukas later joined TikTok in 2015, learned the ins and outs, and has since scaled to establish the agency.

However, making a mark in an industry that is unregulated was a huge risk. As the digital marketing industry is free-to-entry, most potential clients have an aversion to agencies because theyve been burned by inexperienced agencies in the past.

To overcome this, I narrowed down on extra trust and experience factors on different levels. All our media buyers combined have decades of experience. Weve worked with 100s of clients and manage a lot of budgets,” Lukas explains.

Far from the business corridors, Lukas had a Christian upbringing and believes in contributing to society. While he was the CEO of two companies, he continued working for nine years volunteering at his church, helping refugees, taking care and looking after the children of the community, and organizing community festivals. Lukas remains devoted to this cause, a path he wants to continue pursuing.

Moving forward, Lukas remains invested in establishing more and more companies in various industries. He wants to assemble an extensive portfolio of marketing, digital, and e-commerce companies to create synergies. Lukas is also looking into doubling down on Twist & Schirm’s already favorable positioning in the German market. He also sees the agency venturing more into MarTech to make Google Ads, Meta Ads, and TikTok Ads more accessible to the broader market, and better PPC quality for a lower price is the plan with SaaS offerings. According to Lukas, the plan is to expand its operations even more internationally beyond Europe.

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