The Reign of Minimalist Clothing, Assortment Gallery

Assortment Gallery, also known as” AG” was founded by John Overstreet in 2017. It was founded on the belief of providing minimalist fashion alternatives to basically introverts, who were looking to showcase their individuality without all the flare commonly associated with individualism culture. Assortment Gallery delivers fashion that celebrates our consistent drive to express ourselves, believing if people are different, shouldn’t our clothing and accessories reflect these differences as well?

“It’s a common misconception that introverts don’t want attention, they do, but on their own terms”, he says.

Assortment Gallery focuses on minimalistic fashion alternatives and accessories that are far from bland, choosing to use black and white tones to project a style that is instantly recognizable. “Our customers are people who don’t need tons of emphasis on their wardrobe, but still want to be noticed”, he says. Following a short experience of selling a few items on eBay, John made the decision to start his own business, seeking to form meaningful interactions with his customers. Since then, he has developed relationships with the public that have made managing Assortment Gallery a great experience. However, he has a long road to travel and several goals to achieve.

Assortment Gallery started with only a few products and no clothes. At the request of customers, AG released original tees. Over the years, he became more aware of what it takes to run a business, more patient with himself, and more patient with the people whom he works with.

Currently, AG has a massive fan following on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. “It’s incredible how fast things have taken off”, he says. John hopes to gain more traction with his brand and release exciting new items in June. Long-term, he plans to sell in the digital space, firmly planting AG in the metaverse. He believes the digital space will become more important in the coming years.

However, fashion isn’t the only thing Assortment Gallery sells, AG relentlessly scours every corner and crevice of the globe in search of unique, exciting items for their customers. Occasionally, finding the usual, but always guaranteeing that every product you find on the site is exciting, intriguing, and unlike anything else available anywhere else. Visit Assortment Gallery and ponder your inner desires. Explore Your Options. The website is

Everybody can find something for themselves at Assortment Gallery. We offer everything from original tees, Champion hoodies, unisex options, and AG hoodies, and various other items that will revamp your wardrobe. We are here to help you Explore Your Options, and we offer free shipping worldwide. If you want to stand out, you need classic accessories that you can easily style according to the trends but also look unique.

Additionally, AG offers two clothing collections AG Original and AG Attitude, where you can find classic clothes for every occasion. All these pieces are perfect for casual wear but can also be dressed up if you wish.

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