The Reel Agents: Why YouTube Is the New Way to Sell Homes

We are in the midst of a digital revolution. Technology has changed how we live, and it’s about time that technology changes how we buy and sell homes. The way that real estate agents have been marketing themselves is no longer working because people today rely on online reviews to make purchasing decisions. If you are a real estate agent and have not yet ventured into the digital space, you may be in for a surprise. A new study found that people searching for homes on YouTube find what they’re looking for more often than those who use any other search engine. It’s no wonder then that The Reel Agents are thriving with their YouTube marketing strategy, generating leads without spending money on advertising and earning millions of dollars in commission annually.

As a rookie in the real estate space, The Reel Agents’ co-founder Levi Lascsak released his first YouTube video in December 2020. A financial services expert, Levi knew next to nothing about real estate but knew technology and its disruptive impact on different industries. After three months of consistent content creation, Levi and his business partner, Travis Plumb, closed their first two transactions in April 2021 without going door-to-door cold calling. From then on, The Reel Agents agency has grown exponentially and outranked more seasoned experts in production without spending a penny in ad spend.

Over the last 13 months, The Reel Agents did 187 transactions worth $104M in volume. That success has opened even bigger and better doors for the agency. This year, The Reel Agents have ranked in the top 500 real estate producers in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, an incredible feat for a new entrant in the market. The brand has also been featured in many podcasts and publications such as the “Think Media Podcast,” “Elite Agents,” “Social Media Mindset,” “Buyer Experience,” and “Labcoat Agents.” Most importantly, the team has helped improve the lives of other agents by assisting them in unlocking the power of inbound marketing.

87% of agents fail within the first two years in real estate, and the remaining few rarely manage to make a million dollars in the first year. Fewer still can boast of hitting that milestone without spending money on ads, and Levi has heard that repeatedly from many people. So what can you do if you’re a rookie who wants to compete with your more experienced competitors? The Reel Agents have figured out how to crack the YouTube code for real estate agents and leveraged it to generate business to get valuable inbound leads. Now, they have packaged their lessons into a course format to help other agents transform their marketing strategies and become more profitable organically.

YouTube is the fastest-growing video streaming site in the world and the second most popular search engine. However, succeeding on the platform requires consistent effort in content creation, and The Reel Agents have a blueprint to help agents succeed in a short time without trial and error. The team teaches other agents the fundamentals of making a video that attracts the right attention and offers services like video editing and SEO optimization. So far, they’ve helped several agents put up their own channels and succeed, and Levi says they are setting their sights even higher in the coming days.

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