By Pamela Chelin

“Recently we moved a woman who typically dates rocker guys,” says Scott Rosenquist, the owner of the Real Rock 'n' Roll Movers. “She wanted a list in advance of the guys who were coming over to move her, to make sure that she hadn't dated any of them!” Turns out she didn't know them, but that didn't stop her from “flirting and pinching” them during the move.

Everybody knows what they call a musician without a girlfriend. Homeless. Which explains, then, the genesis of this off-beat moving company, established in 2006 when Rosenquist, a drummer, returned to L.A. after touring with his (now former) band Shocker, fronted by ex-L7 bassist Jennifer Finch.

Broke, he united with his then-bandmate Ronnie “Elvis” James — who's currently the bassist for Warner Drive — and started his sideline gig moving people.

Recently, Rosenquist incorporated his company, whose black trucks and skull and crossbones logos are hard to miss. He now employs 20 local musicians, about a third of whom are drummers. (They include Dan Epand of Nico Vega and Chris Black of The Dollyrots.) “We do have a lot of drummers,” says Rosenquist with a laugh. “On tour, drummers are the ones who have the most work and who have a lot of gear to carry. They are used to loading up all their drums.”

The Real Rock 'n' Roll Movers have moved everyone from the Suicide Girls to The Used frontman Bert McCracken to Tenacious D's Kyle Gass. The latter broke into a spontaneous jam session with one of the movers, playing the (not particularly tenacious) recorder.

“We make the moving fun,” brags Rosenquist. “It's like having your friends move you. But, unlike your friends they know what they are doing, and they don't move one box and then stop for a smoke break and eat pizza.”

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