The Power of Positive Habits: Meet Jafar ‘Master Jeff’ Jafari

Jafar ‘Master Jeff’ Jafari is billed as the Tony Robbins of Persia and the IPA – Inner Potential Angel. He has developed an amazing personal development brand and is looking to bring this work to the United States. He has an abundance of experience and wants to bring his knowledge to as many people as possible.

Master Jeff worked so hard to find the answer for the fundamental question which he has in the back of his mind as who am I? And what is my purpose? And when he found out the answer, he became one of the world’s most famous transformational coaches and started a long journey to help as much as possible to people who were seeking the same? 

Master Jeff fell in love with motivational speaking when he attended his first seminar. The speaker inspired him so much that he went home and wrote a 30-minute long motivational speech to give to his friends. He ended up speaking for four hours, and his friends hung on every word. He was hooked.

Master Jeff has over 20 years of coaching and motivational speaking experience. He assembles once-in-a-lifetime weekly training seminars to help people tap into the perfect version of themselves that they have inside them. Master Jeff has taught over 100,000 students to date.

Master Jeff has a YouTube channel on the way and in 2024 he is planning to do a U.S. tour with weekly seminars.

Getting into ‘The Zone’

Master Jeff teaches those who have yet to tap into their potential how to get into ‘The Zone’ through his pieces of training at his PSC Academy.

“If you have the aspiration to do something to benefit the human race, the U.S. is the best place to do it. People are open to knowledge here,” Master Jeff said. “And not only that, but you have to be committed to the longevity of your message. My training isn’t for a quick buck. I genuinely want my students to benefit from my lessons for years to come.”

Master Jeff stresses that his coaching methods have a lasting impact on his students. It is easy to motivate and excite people, but a couple of days later they are back to their old routine and have come down from that high. Master Jeff does things differently. In just two days, Master Jeff teaches his students to reform their habits. He believes that habits are the basis for our betterment, and transforming these habits will have a lasting impact on our lives.

“‘The Zone’ is the place we all have inside us,” said Master Jeff. “It is the place we can go that is free from fear, anxiety, and limiting beliefs. We can go there, and we can shine. When you start to build a car it might take a lot of time to craft initially, but after it is built and ready to go, you only need the key to start the engine! That is how habits unlock the key to your success.”

What Happens Next

Students of Master Jeff learn to break all bad habits, let go of fear and anxiety, and build themselves back up to their desired lifestyle. During this rebuilding phase, participants learn how to access their ‘Inner Potential Zone’ to stay in control, see their power within themselves, and truly know themselves.

Once this divine self is understood, students learn the secret to accessing their ideal version of themselves to create the life of their dreams:

“Simply repeating the mantra, ‘I am alive, I am the best, I will make it!’ while going about simple activities allows your brain to get back on track. Within a minute you can reach The Zone and utilize it to stay focused and positive in all aspects of your life.” Master Jeff said.

What Master Jeff Can Do for You

Master Jeff wants you to know that you already have everything you need inside you, you just need to know how to access and utilize it.

In addition to Master Jeff’s weekend course, he is launching an academy full of courses and information to add substantial value to your learnings. The goal is to establish good habits in just 40 days that will take you through and transform the rest of your life. Anyone who is selected must be highly committed to helping themselves succeed.

“What you want to do with your life after the course is finished is up to you. But you know all the methods and techniques, and it’s going to stay with you forever,” said Master Jeff. “I wake you up. I will show you who you are. And if you use it, you will create a better future for yourself.”

If you want to become a happier person and learn how to love yourself in just 48 hours, please look into Master Jeff’s teachings and programs at 

About Jafar ‘Master Jeff’ Jafari

Jeff Jafari is a self-made millionaire and both an entrepreneur and educator with over two decades of experience. He is the founder and CEO of the PSC Academy, Inc. and Buildgoal, Inc. serving more than 100,000 students and helping develop 5,000 coaches in nearly 40 countries. For more information about ‘Master Jeff’ please visit

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