The Pilates Event Everyone is Talking About : Bailey Brown, Hormone Expert and Founder of Align Your Cycle, Hosts Iconic Rooftop Event at The Santa Monica Proper (Wait Til You Hear About The Gifting…)

Have you ever been to an event where you were gifted the softest, sleekest and most flattering workout set to wear while you enjoyed a relaxing, poolside pilates class under the California sun? This past November 18th, pilates icon, founder of Align Your Cycle and pioneer in the fitness industry, Bailey Brown, hosted an event that could be deemed a pinterest-worthy dream.

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Bailey Brown is a pilates instructor and adamant advocate for doing workouts that align with the menstrual cycle phases. Ever since struggling with severe hormone issues that took a toll on her mental and physical health, Baileybecame determined to educate herself on the complex – but beautiful – dynamics of the female body. She went on to become a hormone expert and she is now on a mission to spread the word on all-things hormones, cycles and fitness related education. Fast forward to 2022, Bailey Brown launched the highly successful Align Your Cyclepilates program.

“It felt like my body was fighting against me. It turned out I was suffering from various hormonal imbalances” sharesBailey. “I started to learn everything I could about women’s hormones and discovered cycle syncing. As women, our hormones fluctuate each month, creating four phases of our cycle. In each phase different workouts are going to impact our bodies differently. When I started to change my workouts to the ones that would support my body in each phase of my cycle, and started to make nutrition and lifestyle changes that supported my hormones, it allowed me to find balance with my body and feel more connected to myself than ever before. This is what inspired me to create Align Your Cycle” — Bailey Brown

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Align Your Cycle is an on-demand fitness program that is broken up into the four different phases of the menstrual cycle: The Menstrual Phase, The Follicular Phase, The Ovulatory Phase and the Luteal Phase. The idea behind the program is not only to provide women with adequate workouts that fit the needs of their bodies during each phase of their menstrual cycles, but to also provide education on the menstrual cycle phases themselves. From her own experience as a woman, Bailey Brown knows that information on how each phase manifests itself in the female body and what it requires from women to feel their best, is not readily accessible. That is why, in order to prevent other women from going through the hardships that she once experienced, Bailey Brown has become devoted to developing Align – a pilates program that is so much more than a pilates program. Align Your Cycle is all about menstrual cycle and hormone education, conversations about nutrition, female empowerment and community. All this to say, that the Align Your Cycle event hosted at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel on November 18th, was truly out of a movie.

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Influencers, editors and celebrities were invited to the  Proper Hotel’s rooftop on a sunny fall day to enjoy a morning of community and of womanhood. Greeted with gifted all-white leggings, shorts, a long sleeve and sports bra for guests to wear throughout the course of the event, all were welcome to enjoy complimentary juices, kombucha, cold brew, and coffee served in adorable Align-branded glasses. It’s notable to note that every single guest raved about the workout set, mentioning time and time again how soft the material was – often saying that it was much better than what they would expect from competitors, including Alo or Lululemon. They were also impressed by how accommodating the Align team was when it came to ensuring the adequate sizing for each person attending the event.

“Even if there were an issue with sizing, [participants] were accommodated for an exchange for a better size fitting. And don’t get me started on the material, the material is breathable, soft and so comfy.” — Danyelle Jacob, Gal Media Group

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Then, guests came together to enjoy a relaxing pilates class, led by Bailey herself – of course. Her positive energy and authentic encouragement added to the inclusive and judgment-free environment created at the event; an environment that perfectly embodies the Align Your Cycle mission. Those invited to the event experienced a slight yet effective workout – hosted under the California sun – where breaking a bit of a sweat gave a sense of comfort. As per the classes in Align, Bailey was keen to offer different variations of exercises during the workout. Guests described feeling empowered, due to her constant consideration with others. They also described feeling well nourished and hydrated due to complimentary drinks. And let’s not forget to mention the out-of-this-world food provided at the event. After participating in the pilates class designed to support menstrual cycle phases, guests were invited to eat a variety of different nutrient-rich, whole foods. Served on an exquisite Align tray, delicious eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced snacks were passed out for guests to enjoy.

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In addition to the workout set, guests not only walked away with their very own Align Your Cycle yoga mat, water bottle, sweat, towel/rag and and Box Water to hydrate, but they also got to experience a day of education on what the menstrual cycle may entail for one’s fitness journey. The fitness industry was designed to fit the needs of men’s bodies, and for the first time, Bailey Brown is introducing an extremely powerful and revolutionary approach to women’s health.

“Everyone was so lovely, and so open to sharing their own health journeys and eager to learn more about cycle syncing and working out to support hormones as a woman. It was a dream to see it all come together!” — Bailey Brown

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