The only jewelry trends we should see in 2023

Dress up, and take a picture of your outfit. Now add a couple of accessories and take another photo. Which one do you like the best? It shouldn’t surprise you that you prefer the outfit accessorized with jewelry because it gives your look a sense of style. Where dresses, blazers, pants, and jumpers might form the staples upon which you create an outfit, the jewelry, shoes, and bags add personality to your look. And if you ask us, nothing shows your personality more than the pieces of jewelry you prefer to wear.

Most people pick their jewelry carefully, especially when items featuring diamonds and precious metals come into play. Because of this, we decided it’s the perfect time to put a guide together to help you navigate the 2023 jewelry trends so you know what pieces are in trend before going on a shopping spree.

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Precious metal chains 

Fashion experts predict that precious-metal chains will grow in popularity. A couple of years ago, everyone was crazy about pendants, but now we noticed an evolution towards chains, especially a shift towards chains that layer well together and with clothing items. If you look at how celebrities have accessorized their outfits recently, you won’t miss noticing that they have quickly adopted this style. Chains are versatile elements and can be worn in countless ways. No matter your style, you can definitely find a chain made from a precious metal to get your outfit out of anonymity.

The chains that come with a design twist and offer a little bit of convertibility are the public’s favorites. Jewelry designers anticipate that necklaces with colored gems will drive attention next year, as well as tennis necklaces featuring deeply colored semi precious stones.

Jumbo pearls

Pearls have stolen the show for quite some time, and well-known designers like Givenchy have decided to introduce them on the runaway once more to prove that they’re not out of steam. However, they choose oversized versions of pearls to create stand-alone accessories that capture their attention. Any kind of jewelry can feature jumbo pearls, from earrings to necklaces and rings.

Colored gemstones

Jewelry designers state that there’s a kind of euphoria among buyers looking for one-of-a-kind pieces, and they often find bold colors as the key to making a statement. It’s expected colors to make a big comeback in 2023, especially gemstones like sapphires and rubies that will come in all sizes and ranges. Colored gemstones are the perfect addition to cocktail rings because they ornate the embellishments, making them informal accessories. Colored gemstones make accessories look more expensive than they actually are, and people love this sort of opulence.

Delicate diamonds

Diamonds are a special gift in romance and love because they’re traditionally considered love symbolisms. In 2023, diamond trends are becoming more delicate and unique because people want to offer special diamonds to their loved ones to celebrate memorable occasions.

Those planning to propose to their partners can do it with a diamond engagement ring, which is a love symbol from ancient times. People prefer diamond rings as engagement jewelry because they show their love and support. Stone clusters are perfect for those looking for something delicate but precious. Those who want to show their partner they’re thinking about them can opt for diamond earrings, maybe even purchase pieces to match their engagement ring and wedding band.

Large rings

Rings are the most versatile pieces of jewelry, and they never go out of style. However, like all the other accessories, they go through evolution phases. If jewelry designers promoted dainty rings and delicate pieces a couple of years ago, for 2023, they tell us to pick the biggest and boldest elements. They state that for rings, more is more, and you shouldn’t take a step back from anything. Mix various sizes of rings with different metals, and wear them on every finger of your hand. We noticed designers mixing gold and silver on the runway, so if you want a safe option, you can follow their example.

Lip jewelry

You cannot say that you didn’t see this coming since Angeline Jolie sported lip jewelry at the Eternals premiere in Los Angeles in 2021. Since then, all celebrities have followed suit and looked for ways to add lip rings to their outfits. After other celebrities like Lizzo, Machine Gun Kelly, and Joan Smalls have been seen rocking lip jewelry, designer houses like Balenciaga also brought it into the spotlight through their fashion collections. Most lip jewelry seen on the runaway were piercings, encouraging people to be bold with their choices because lip rings are most likely here to stay. Those who don’t want to pierce their lips can look for fake piercings that look very realistic.

Body chains

Body chains aren’t new to the category of accessories, but it seems they’ll have a strong presence in 2023. Until now, body chains were considered ideal for summer when they could be matched with cropped tops, but now fashion designers have integrated them into winter attires. It seems they can be worn over bodycon dresses, jumpsuits, and figure-hugging clothing.

With the resurgence of fashion trends from the 2000s, it was only a matter of time before body chains became staple accessories. Vogue promotes body chains as timeless accessories.

Asymmetrical earrings

It’s very playful to wear mismatched earrings. You’ll notice trendsetters often accessorize their simple outfits with mismatched earrings to draw attention. You can have a look at your collection of earrings and mix and match the pieces you already have, or buy single earrings from jewelry stores that allow this option. Expect to see more jewelry providers promoting collections of single earrings that could be mixed and matched.

When wearing asymmetrical earrings, you can do it in different ways. Pick a simple piece and pair it with a statement earring. Wear two statement earrings that match in style but are different in size. If you prefer colored earrings, wear both pieces in the same color, so they don’t clash.

Keep your outfits simple, and let your jewelry tell a story.

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