The One to Watch: Lokie Jokie

We have a history of highlights, previewing our up-and-comers who will be feature during a brunch Oct. 24 at the Newport Beach Film Festival later in the year, and whom we are keeping a close eye on.

Since 1998, we have selected numerous 10 Actors to watch with the most discerning of eyes. Past honourees include over 35 now Oscar winners and nominees, such as Mahershala Ali, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Brie Larson, Lupita Nyong’o and Melissa Leo. The list includes actors enjoying a breakthrough year, appearing in buzzed-about awards season players and even actors making their film debuts. With such a track record, our latest focal point is none other than Lokie Jokie.

The French-Australian artist has brought his imaginative flare to the screen, reaching Australian and European audiences through the limited production clips, such as Colors, in which he plays a drug-addicted struggling painter, Phillipe Martel. His performances, whilst only brief, are truly captivating. This is someone naturally at home playing the off-center outcast; the underdog, the weird one, who you fall in love with, despite their shortcomings. And that, is a truly magical thing to do.

The doors continued to open for him, as he has garnered small roles in “Last Kingdom” and “Cry For Me”. With a rise in success during the midst of the pandemic, LokieJokie was in lockdown in Paris with his family. “I realized reading one of my beloved French newspapers, Courier International, which prints the best of foreign press, including articles about how French political issues are perceived abroad. There was an article in it about ‘Cry For Me’ breaking out, with extracts from various British press. All this happened after we decided to end it, which was saddening, but it also means opportunity. With one door closing, multiple more are available for me to knock down. I will. I am.”

Whilst still relatively unknown on the acting side of the industry, LokieJokie remains at the forefront of the visual post-modern art scene, amassing millions of followers worldwide for his complex, often dark, and intricate works of art (typically, a mix of oil paint and ink painted on vintage linen sheets).

Transitioning from print art to screen may not come naturally for many, however it is clear to see that for Lokie Jokie, at least, it does. Lokie Jokie can be found on his (currently, only) form of social media, Instagram ( and is one of our absolute favorite rising stars to watch out for in 2022 and beyond.

— Jennifer Yuma

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