The NFT Agency goes for it yet again- How Laidback Llamas are fast becoming a Household name.

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While there were some initial concerns about the potential and legitimacy of NFTs, it’s fast becoming evident that NFTs are here to stay. These non-fungible tokens continue to revolutionize the art world remarkably, offering artists a new avenue to engage and connect with their fans. In addition, NFTs have also provided art enthusiasts with a platform to own their favourite artworks in digitized forms. 

The NFT Agency is a group of experienced NFT community developers and producers. They are the founder of the Laidback Llamas unique and expansive collection of over 7,000 exceptional pieces, also known as “The Herd”. The Laid back Llamas project is a collection that brings an inclusive experience to multimedia. They represent confidence, tranquillity, and different personalities that depict style with every stride. The Agency says that LBL’s mission is to bring an innovative, inclusive experience to the multi-media landscape. Their objectives include everything media, from television, movies, and music, alongside an immersive metaverse experience.

Founded deep in the digital mountains of the metaverse, the Laid back Llamas continue to explore the rolling hills of the digital landscape in search of good vibes and nothing short of it. They got the swag, the funk, the jazz, and each llama was more laid back than the next. This exquisite herd only breeds the finest of llamas with the fluffiest fur and the sickest drip. Every llama is unique, with different fur colours, hairstyles, laid-back expressions, clothes, hats, shades, etc.

The collection has also gotten the attention of key significant holders, including Styles P, Mike Rashid, and Lucas Piazon, among many others. In addition, the llamas have also featured in Rego food’s announcement of Quiznos and Taco Del Mar’s debut into the metaverse, thanks to the collection’s authenticity.

“LBL is not just another PFP project; it’s much more. Over the course of 6 months, LBL has built out many different assets including; a multi-connected pfp project, which is a network of 4 interconnected assets,” shares The NFT Agency.

The NFT space continues to grow rapidly, with even more thousands showing interest; The NFT Agency advises new entrants in the space be careful and patient when learning about NFTs. Further reiterating that one should be wary of projects they invest money into and to do the research to understand the developers and market strategy.

“The wisdom of patience. This space continues to grow at a remarkable pace, and as such, you may feel pressured to do more. However, by executing meaningful goals and building brands that last beyond the next bear market, we intend to impact web3 for future builders,” The NFT Agency says. 

As a roadmap of growth, Laid back Llamas hopes to work alongside other industry players to help them advance their agenda. The Agency speaks of ongoing talks with other TV Production companies for a TV series in the LBL universe. In addition, the team is working on constant real-world crossover collaborations to leverage the potential within the Llama brand and spread the funny, goofy vibe of Llamas.

The next five years will see significant growth for the Laid back Llamas brand as it seeks to be a well-established media franchise. The Agency also looks to branch into full-length films and music via Llama Records. Aspirations include showing the fusion of traditional media and the metaverse, transforming  Laid Back Llamas into a household name in the NFT world and beyond.

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