Life of Cameron

Tanja M. Laden's account of the fascinating life of L.A. artist/occultist Cameron had readers turning pages last week (“Cameron's Connections to Scientology and Powerful Men Once Drew Headlines, But Now Her Art Is Getting Its Due,” Oct. 10). Pan69 writes simply, “Wonderful.”

Rafael Calderon agrees, writing, “An enthralling account of a woman living her life, neither asking nor giving quarter.”

But JoeyCee has a different take. “She had a thimble-full of talent and an ocean full of nonsense,” he writes. “She has a connection to Aleister Crowley? That tells me all I need to know.”

New Boss at New Beverly

In Amy Nicholson's interview with Quentin Tarantino, the auteur discussed his plans for the New Beverly after the ouster of longtime programmer Michael Torgan (“Quentin Tarantino on the New Beverly: 'If People Come Fine. If They Don't, Fuck Them,' ” Oct. 10). Readers had much to say in response.

Nythyx writes, “On Friday night, opening weekend as it were, I was expecting droves of people waiting in line to get into the new Tarantino theater. It was so overblown, publicized all to hell, New Beverly purists posting doom-filled comments: We expected the worst. All you purists who are 'boycotting' Quentin's decision: I imagine that you were afraid this transition would ruin your beloved theater, that people who weren't going here before would suddenly show up and take the place over.

“I don't know what it is you're afraid of, but the theater was exactly the same. Same staff, same awesome service, same clientele, same cheap tickets and concessions, AMAZING trailers, and the music, movie selections and the Three Stooges were choice. We went for Pulp Fiction and it was great.

“So I say, quit your whining and go see a goddamn movie at your favorite theater. Swallow your damn pride and get over something that has absolutely nothing at all to do with you. It's still the New Bev, and I will still be there regularly.”

RandyCandy draws a bigger conclusion, writing, “MEMO TO HOLLYWOOD: The New Beverly Cinema still screens classic 35mm double features every night for just $8, plus rare trailers and a pre-show cartoon. Popcorn is $1.50 to $2.50, drinks $1 to $2. There's new carpet, an expanded lobby and snack bar, new seats, rare film prints and special guests. … Interesting how one independent repertory cinema can provide moviegoers with better entertainment value than major multiplex chains.

“The entertainment business is about increasing revenue by providing the public with unique creative products and experiences they can't find anywhere else. This is how it's done, at the New Beverly Cinema, Egyptian Theatre and other great rep houses. Filmgoers flock to these venues. Are you listening?”

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