The Music Industry’s Most Influential Secret

What do Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Swae Lee, Daymond John, Offset, and Nigel Sylvester have in common?  The answer is Clinton Sparks, a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum DJ, producer, and songwriter turned entrepreneur, whose work on Lady Gaga’s 2011 “Born This Way” album has resurfaced in a major way.  The Sparks-produced album cut, “Bloody Mary,” has Lady Gaga’s “little monsters,” along with the rest of TikTok in a frenzy, thanks to Netflix’s new show “Wednesday,” and its standout dance sequence by Jenna Ortega. TikTokers have been sharing their own interpretations of Jenna’s now-viral performance using a sped-up version of “Bloody Mary,” which now boasts  150 million streams and counting.

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Credited with bringing hip-hop to Hollywood through his work on the E! Network, discovering and signing hit artists, and his knack for connecting the culture of hip-hop with a myriad of entertainment aspects, Sparks has been quietly shaping and shifting culture for over 20 years.  

From humble beginnings in Boston, MA, Sparks rose to success as a DJ in the early 2000’s, collecting coveted accolades and awards such as Justo’s New Mixtape DJ of the Year and Radio DJ of the Year at the annual Mixshow Power Summit.

This was just the start of a billion dollar career for Sparks, who was an early adopter of the influencer mentality. Sparks was branding himself with his “Get Familiar” tagline, even before social media had made hashtags and taglines into a worldwide success. He proceeded to touch almost every aspect of the entertainment industry 

His lengthy roster of collaborations with some of the biggest names in the music business and his involvement in so many endeavors have led Sparks to become one of the music industry’s most well-known connections. 

Using each success as a launchpad for the next, Sparks continues to make waves across the entertainment and lifestyle industries, paving the way for his most recent evolution as co-owner of XSET, an organization widely regarded as the fastest-growing and most culturally diverse gaming and lifestyle brand in the world.  He has quickly emerged as a leader in the multi-billion dollar space, bringing with him his signature formula of intersecting the industry with all the other spaces that define our culture, such as music, fashion, art, and sports.   

What sets Sparks apart from others who have achieved similar levels of success is his motivation to mentor and guide the next generation of moguls.  On the heels of his first book, “How To Win Big in the Music Business,” which moved over 100,000 copies independently, Sparks has authored his second work, “Ten Traits That Made Me Millions in the Music Industry: A Guide On How They Can Help You, Too,” which is set to release on January 17th, 2023

“Nothing works out unless you put the work in,”  Sparks explains, as he recognizes the power of a successful mindset.

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“Ten Traits” discusses the important role personal growth plays alongside professional development, and what that can look like for someone aspiring to a career in notably competitive industries such as music and gaming.  “You should only compete with yourself. When you compete with others, you are only aiming to be their best, which may never be as good as yours,” says Sparks.

Having created his own lane in the entertainment world, Sparks has a proven track record of success on both the creative and business sides of the industry, making his experiences and insight invaluable to anyone with ambitions to break into the business.  Furthermore, Sparks is relatable in his storytelling and candid about his journey, acknowledging his missteps along the way and sharing the lessons he’s learned in an effort to make others’ journeys a little easier.

“I genuinely care about my partnerships and the newcomers in the industry,” says Sparks. “I know what it takes to win and I am trying to be the voice of truth for these artists, in whichever medium they choose to work through.”

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