Our annual Best of L.A. People issue inspired many readers to write glowingly about one or more of the subjects of that issue, or even to praise this rag. For all of that, we thank you.

But we prefer a little blood on the floor. So let's dispense with the niceties and dip into comments from the previous issue on our story about the hidden costs of running Mayor Villaraigosa's office (“Los Angeles: Broke and Broken” by Patrick Range McDonald and Mars Melnicoff, May 13).

From Rush LinBlack: “Villaraigosa and his cronies are nothing but a bunch of greasy haired mobsters. Is anyone surprised by any of this?”

From Sib: “Why is there not a criminal investigation into this? The city of Bell was just the tip of the iceberg. Every single one of these people from the Mayor of Los Angeles on down needs to be in jail. It's corruption on a massive scale.”

From Craigwillison: “Grotesque and so obviously wrong. These multimillionaire 'public servants' will never stop, never be pried from the teat without the force of law. In the private sector they would be making little rocks from big ones in the hoosegow. The people know and are righteously angered.”

From charlesbrandon: “How about giving $100,000-a-year garbage collectors the furlough time instead of police and firemen?”

In response, from Tom Tuttle: “So you're OK with your trash as well as your neighbors' trash piling up in your front yard and in the streets for weeks at a time? If a trash truck driver is making $100K a year, that means he is working a lot of O.T., which means they are really understaffed. Besides, Sanitation generates their own monies and has nothing to do with Police and Fire.”

From Yea1: “Villaraigosa has been a slimeball from day one. Is anyone shocked by this? He's a typical politician — if his lips are moving, he's lying….”

From Rick Abrams: “People should stop complaining about the corruption and incompetence. Angelenos re-elected every jerk that was running for office. When voters re-elect councilmen who cater only to the millionaires and billionaire real estate developers, they have no business complaining about corruption and incompetence. The voters could have elected Stephen Box, but the L.A. Times nixed Box as he knew too much. And the voters fell for it — L.A. Times said Box was a candidate who knew all the 'minutiae.' Thus, we are stuck with jerks who are so lame that they don't even know that they know nothing about City Hall finances.”

From dino marconi: “Because no media source has exposed the details of corruption within the system like the Weekly is now doing! “

From VenturaCapitalist: “I would really like to say I'm proud to live in the second largest city in the country. But I live in a sewer, run by a bunch of filthy, slimy, corrupt democrats.”

From Anno Mous: “Keep digging and reporting and, just maybe, the dunderheaded voters will vote these criminals out of office. I moved out of L.A. the minute Villaraigosa was re-elected for a second term.”

From rick: “I am a retired city employee (sworn) and had the opportunity to review your article. I just wanted to say that in my 33 years as a city employee I have never read a newspaper article that was 'right on' regarding the budgetary deception that goes on in City Council and the Mayor's Office.”

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