LA’s very own The Marías discussed their new album “Submarine” and the creation of their single “Paranoia” with Spotify’s RADAR series. “Paranoia” emerged spontaneously during a jam session, reflecting themes of feeling overwhelmed by a partner’s fears. The band members described their collaborative process and the excitement of performing live for Spotify, including an extended version of “Paranoia” that differs from the album track. The Marías are navigating the mix of stress and excitement as they prepare for the album’s release and look forward to sharing it with fans.

In an interview with PAPER Magazine, frontwoman María Zardoya shared how the single emerged — “All the lyrics kind of flowed out. I wasn’t really consciously thinking about them. But then after they were written, I went back and listened to them. I was like, ‘Okay, yeah, they make sense’ for something I experienced in my life. Basically meaning wise it’s about feeling smothered and powerless to somebody else’s fear. Like when you’re in a relationship with somebody, or seeing somebody, you’re in a relationship with that person’s demons and that person’s fears. At the end of the day, you can’t fix anybody. ‘Paranoia’ is just about how somebody’s fear can become a funhouse mirror, and how things aren’t really as they appear.”

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